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The Winter 2015 Arc’teryx Look Book

August 28th, 2015

Finally, a look book, you can use…these aren’t just fancy pictures but they’ve also laid the gear put for you and even told you what it is.

Ebony and Ivory, Living Together In Perfect Harmony

August 28th, 2015

Looks like Mike Lamb from Stoic Ventures has learned how to get his Pmags to live together.

Blackwater Brand – New Hats Now In Stock

August 28th, 2015


Tactical Tailor – 2015 Labor Day Sale

August 28th, 2015

TT Labor Day Sale

Tactical Tailor is holding a Labor Day Sale. This coming Monday, August 31st through Monday, September 7th, take advantage of 25% off all Tactical Tailor gear.

Defoor Performance 2016 Training Schedule Is Live

August 28th, 2015

ITS Tactical Updates Medical Lineup

August 28th, 2015

ITS Tactical has updated their EDC Kit to now include a full-sized SOFTT-W Tourniquet while still retaining the small form factor that fits in your back pocket.



• QuikCLot Combat Gauze LE (Features X-Ray Detectable Strip)
• SOFTT-W Tourniquet
• Nitrile Gloves (Pair)
• Contents List w/ CoTCCC Care Under Fire Instructions
• Your choice of Coyote Brown or Black Sleeve (Made in USA)


Newly redesigned to contain a full-size tourniquet, the EDC Trauma Kit is the original vacuum-sealed pocket trauma kit and the smallest, full-featured pocket kit on the market. Perfect for your back pocket to provide the ability to carry lifesaving equipment with you wherever you go.

The EDC Trauma Kit is literally the size of an average wallet, can be stuffed in a back pocket and only weighs 6 ounces with the included pouch. The lightweight nylon sleeve protects your EDC Kit against damage and potential puncturing of the vacuum seal while being carried in your pocket or bag. Their nylon sleeves are also printed to denote medical equipment. 

Each kit is hand assembled and vacuum sealed at the ITS HQ in Texas using nearly all US-made components (Nitrile Gloves are the only overseas item.)


Expiration dates vary depending on individual components, but ITS strives to provide at least a five-year shelf life for the first to expire item.

Vickers Tactical Presents – Why I Fought : Tyler Grey

August 28th, 2015

I consider myself fortunate to count both Larry Vickers amd Tyler Grey as friends. This is the first in a new series called “Why I Fight” by Vickers Tactical where LAV interviews fellow co-host of the new series “The Sentinel”, Tyler. I hope you find it as fascinating as I do.

Mr. Jamie Wilford Joins B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc. As The Senior International Business Development Manager

August 28th, 2015

Jamie Wilford

(Redmond, WA) – B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc. is proud to announce that Mr. Jamie Wilford, OBE, MA, has joined the team as the company’s Senior International Business Development Manager.

“Jamie’s years of international market experience are phenomenal, as well as his extensive operational experience around the world”, said Matt Meyers, Director of Business Development for B.E. Meyers & Co. “We are extremely fortunate to have him as part of the Business Development team as we continually expand our capabilities as a company”.

Prior to this position he was Senior International BD Manager in Exelis for Middle East and Africa with particular responsibility for Night Vision and Communications Solutions.

Joining ITT (Exelis) in 2009, Jamie Wilford held a series of increasingly responsible appointments and upon spin off of ITT into Exelis assumed a senior Business Development Role in Electronic Systems and then later in 2012 was appointed Senior International Business Development Manager for Night Vision and Communications Solutions responsible for Middle East and Africa. During his time in ITT/Exelis, Jamie Wilford generated in excess of $260M in Orders and Sales.

Jamie Wilford Served in the British Army for over 25 years, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. He served exclusively in the British Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces where he held increasingly senior Command and Staff appointments in Battalion, Brigade, Division, Permanent Joint Headquarters and the MOD. He conducted numerous operations that included multiple tours in Northern Ireland, Central America, Sierra Leone, the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. He was awarded Operational Honors from HM Queen Elizabeth for operations in Kosovo (MBE), Sierra Leone (QCVS) and Afghanistan (OBE).

After leaving the Army in 2005, Jamie Wilford joined Olive Group in Iraq where he was appointed as the Director of Program and Plans, responsible for generating new business and managing multiple high profile security contracts with the US Army, NATO, Iraq Government and numerous Reconstruction Primes and Oil and Gas Majors, overseeing an annual turnover of in excess of $60M. He moved to ITT in 2009 after 4 years in Iraq.

Jamie Wilford holds a Master’s Degree from Kings College London, an Masters in Business Administration from Cranfield University and was a graduate of the British Army Command and Staff College in 1996.

Jamie Wilford lives in the United Kingdom with his wife Katherine and their three children

Jamie can be reached at

Soldier Systems At The Range With KRISS USA

August 28th, 2015

KRISS USA recently opened a new manufacturing and distribution facility in Chesapeake, near Solider Systems HQ, which gave us the opportunity to try out a few weapons in the Vector and Sphinx line of firearms. After a visit to the facility, KRISS packed up the range guns and we all headed out to C2 Shooting Center to try them out on the steel plate range.


Sphinx Arms is a Swiss pistol manufacturer under the KRISS Group. They offer standard, compact, and subcompact pistols, all chambered for 9x19mm. Sphinx pistols are constructed using steel slides, and two-piece frames which consist of an upper and lower component. The upper components are manufactured from either aluminum or steel, and the lower components can be manufactured from aluminum, steel, or polymer, depending on the model of pistol.


The pistols feed from double stack magazines, with capacities of 17+1 for Standard, 15 + 1 for Compact, and 13 + 1 for Sub-compact models. Additional features shared throughout the various pistol models include ambidextrous decocking levers, reversible magazine catch, a visual/tactile loaded chamber indicator, front and rear slide serrations, and match grade trigger. Most models also support an interchangeable rubberized comfort grip system.


Here you can see a comparison between the standard iron sight, and a model equipped with a fiber optic front sight.

All of the pistols were very smooth firing, accurate, and comfortable to shoot. We favored the compact models the most, as their size made them very comfortable guns to hold, roughly equivalent in size to a Glock 19.


The Vector line of pistols, carbines, and SMGs utilize the KRISS Super V recoil Recoil Reduction System which redirects recoil energy downward, reducing muzzle climb up to 95% and felt recoil up to 60% when compared to traditional weapon designs. At the range, we had the chance to try out the CBR Enhanced, the SDP pistol variant, and the full-auto .45 ACP and upcoming 9mm SMGs.


The Vector series consists of an upper and lower frame, which can be separated by removing three assembly pins along the upper frame. This allows the user to quickly swap out lower frames, and will even allow for a quick caliber change between the .45 ACP and 9mm frames, when the later becomes available later this year.


This is the Vector CRB Enhanced. The CRB is the semi-automatic civilian carbine variant of the Vector, chambered for .45 ACP. It comes with an M4 stock adapter, a Magpul UBR stock, and the enhanced square barrel shroud.

The CRB in action. The recoil reductive action coupled with the pistol caliber makes for an easy to handle and accurate weapon.


Here is the SDP, the Vector pistol variant. It features a 5.5″ barrel and a rear QD sling point.

It can either be fired with both hands on the weapon, or with a single hand, although this is best done with a sling to support and stabilize the weapon.


Here’s the Vector SMG in .45 ACP. This particular model was outfitted with the M4 stock adapter, a Magpul UBR stock, a vertical foregrip, and a Defiance HPS 4GSK Cal .45ACP, a suppressor specially designed for the Vector family of weapons. The SMG variants of the Vector feature a selector switch which allows the operator to switch between semi, two-round burst, and full auto.


For the final gun of the day, we checked out the upcoming Vector SMG in 9mm. The one we fired was marked serial number 000001, no less, and don’t let the frame markings in the image above fool you, was indeed the 9mm variant. Like the .45 ACP model, the 9mm variant is designed to accept Glock magazines, with the 17-round Glock 17 magazine fitting flush with the chamber, although we also had a few 33-round G18 magazines as an analogue to the extended magazines used in the .45 ACP model. As expected of the lighter round, it featured a higher rate of fire than the .45 ACP model, and burned through even the extended magazines quite quickly, yet still remained quite controllable even in full auto.

After what was quite likely a couple of thousand rounds of ammunition spent, it’s quite fair to say that KRISS USA has a solid line of firearms on offer. The Sphinx pistols are solid, accurate sidearms, and the Vector line’s recoil mitigating technology makes them a joy to shoot. We offer our sincerest thanks to KRISS USA for allowing us the opportunity to try out their firearms on the range.

You can find out more on the Vector and Sphinx brands at:

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Aegir-38 Added To AMU List

August 28th, 2015

Congratulations to FirstSpear! Thier Aegir-38 has been added to the NAVSEA Authorized for Military Use list.


AMU Approved Maritime Plate Carrier: # 1.1.17

The Aegir-38 (pronounced eye-jur) is a ballistic protective rifle plate carrier with integrated inflatable tactical aid to flotation devices specifically designed for combat swimmers/divers as well as personnel conducting maritime airborne operations.


It offers the ability to attach multiple re-breathers for use in closed circuit diving operations via FS Tubes closure technologies as well as backpacks and other emerging FS capabilities.


In addition to internal Bouyancy Compensators behind the carrier’s plate pockets, each Aegir-38 has a two bladder emergency tactical aid to flotation capability consisting of two CTAF (Cummerbund Tactical Aid to Flotation) located inside the cummerbunds. Each system includes two welded flotation bladders, two inflation systems, and two firing handles. The bladders are reusable welded fabric that position under the arm when deployed manually by the two 38 gram CO2 cartridges. There are two oral inflation tubes for a secondary inflation method located on the CTAF.


When activated, the Aegir-38’s integral Bouyancy Compensators provide:
-45lbs (20kg/ 200n) positive flotation in seawater at a depth of 33′(10m)
-57lbs (25kg/253n) of positive flotation at a depth of 15′(4.5m)
-73lbs (33kg/324n) of flotation the surface

FirstSpear BCs are installed in mesh chambers behind the plate pockets, offering a minimum of 10LBS (4.5KG / 45N) of lift per set in size M-XL Swimmer Cut vests. The BC can be user configured for either left or right hand operators and can be inflated/deflated individually or connected for one inflation/deflation point. When inflated they provide airflow channels aiding in air flow to the operator as well as some distribution. During independent testing in support of NAVSEA the BC also reduced Back Face Deformation (BFD) significantly when used inflated during ballistic resistant testing against specified high velocity rifle threats.


For non-diving operations any of the FS Standard land cummerbunds can be used as well as the two inch belly band for extreme hot environments or confined work space. All land and flotation cummerbunds for the Aegir-38 secure with the FirstSpear Tubes closure system. The Aegir-38 is designed to be used and maintained at the Operator level and with limited training can be repacked and one hundred percent operational in under 30 minutes.


Additionally, its streamlined design incorporates Dual, Built-in Radio pockets, accommodating PRC-148 or PRC-152 radios, extra magazines and/or med supplies. Thanks to a channel stitch design, shoulder straps on the Aegir-38 are designed to allow the operator to cut off excess material without degrading the stitching of the whole shoulder strap.

Here is some video from certification testing.

I’m impressed that they got this added to the AMU list as a BC. But, if you’re like me, you’ve wondering this whole time where the name comes from, so I asked Jon Laplume and he directed me to this:

In Norse mythology, Ægir (Old Norse “sea”) is a sea jötunn associated with the ocean. He is also known for hosting elaborate parties for the gods. Sea Giant who likes to party? Sounds like a SEAL named Dave Kent to me.