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Warrior Expo – Hodge Defense Systems Inc – AU Mod 2 Sneak Peek

July 11th, 2014

This is Hodge Defense Systems’ first Warrior Expo. You’ve heard rumors of an upcoming AU Mod 2 and now we’re able to offer a first glimpse. You’ll notice a new upper and lower as well as handguard (shown in the white).

Hodge Defense Systems - AU Mod 2 Preview

In addition to a new receiver set, the Mod 2 features a new material. Hodge has been working with ALCOA Defense to introduce a new material into small arms development.

These should start with a soft launch in November with a major announcement at SHOT Show 2015.

Warrior Expo East – Zev Technologies

July 10th, 2014

Zev Technologies G19 - Right Side

While I was visiting the Hodge Defense Systems booth, I saw a custom GLOCK 19. It was modified by the team at Zev Technologies. Generally, Zev is known for their race guns but more and more they are providing tactical enhancements and they are providing these upgrades to G19s.

Zev Technologies G19 - Left Side

This pistol includes the following:

Zev G19 - RMR View

Warrior East – Klim

July 10th, 2014

Klim produces a wide variety of motor sports protective clothing (as well as few new tactical pieces). One of their most popular products is the Adventure Rally Jacket. This thing is literally packed with features including body mapped reflective panels for increased visibility in traffic, air flow vents, numerous pockets, removable collar system to accommodate Leatt collars, and integrated D3O padding with Dow Corning’s Deflection breathable armor.


The Adventure Rally Jacket was originally designed for wear on the Dakar Rally, an endurance race where riders can’t wear a pack. It integrates a shoulder strap system and one wearer I spoke with said he had carried 60 lbs in his jacket comfortably.

Warrior East – Kelty

July 10th, 2014

Kelty is introducing Berry compliant manufacturing! This includes the popular commercial Redwing.


Contact for details.

Warrior East – Five Ten Introduces New Models

July 10th, 2014

Five Ten is well known for their climbing shoes. They also offer Guide Tennie and Water Tennie which are quite popular with SSD readers. Here at Warrior East, they are giving us a preview of a couple of new models hitting the market next Spring.

The big story is the introduction of Gore-tex models into the line. This includes models of the Guide Tennie and Camp Four.


Look for additional, in-depth coverage during the upcoming Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City next month.

Warrior East – Bates Recondo Update

July 10th, 2014

Last week we showed you the new Recondo jungle boot from Bates Footwear. There was a lot of interest but some readers were concerned with the MultiCam colorway produced for SOF customers. Never fear, Bates has anticipated your concerns and produced prototypes of a wide variety of models including the Coyote model below.


They’ve also made models in the entire MultiCam family including Arid, Black and Tropical.


They’ve also looked at offering camouflage color soles for some customers.


Warrior Expo – Tactical Distributors Offers New KCRF T-shirt

July 10th, 2014

Get your red hots! I just found out that TD is selling the new heather green version of the Keep Calm Return Fire t-shirt. It’s a grey-green color and I really like it. $15 and you can take it home!


They aren’t on the site yet, but they will be soon.

Warrior East – Garmin

July 10th, 2014

Garmin has a couple of items that will be of interest to SSD readers.

First up is the tactix, a tactical training GPS watch. Sure, it’s a watch, but it’s also a GPS device that allows you to drop up to 10,000 breadcrumb points and 1,000 TracBack points meaning it vectors you to return to the point of origin. The tactix also offers barometric altimeter and electronic 3D compass. As a watch the battery lasts for 5 weeks, with sensors, you’re at 3 weeks. When you enable GPS, it goes to 50 hours. But, you can recharge via USB. Waterproof to 50m, night vision readable and integrates preloaded tidal data and Jumpmaster software.


Second is the VIRB Elite. It’s a GPS and wi-fi enabled HD action camera. The VIRB offers true HD at 1080p with a 16MP CMOS sensor. It also interfaces with an iOS or Android app that allows you to control it remotely. In addition to GPS stamp, you can also record barometer and G-load data.


As always, I prefer to purchase my Garmin products for personal use I go to Unit and agencies contact

Warrior East – Beyond A9 Shorty Update

July 10th, 2014

About two weeks ago we published a story on Beyond’s new A9 Shorty Mission Shirt. Beyond read your comments and modified the shirt with slightly longer sleeves, bringing them to the elbow.


Warrior East – RADM Scott Moore – Key Note Speech

July 10th, 2014

This seventh annual Warrior Expo – East kicked off today with a keynote speech by United States Navy SEAL Rear Admiral (ret) and Deputy Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command, Scott P Moore. His service in NSW spans a wide variety of assignments including time as the commander of NSW Development Group.


The main thrust of his address was maintaining readiness in the current budgetary environment. But, as he pointed out, things aren’t slowing down. Instability abounds, in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and even the Americas. He sees a future of Brush Fire Wars and a move back to training surrogates and allied partners. Conversely, he understands the requirement of a constant forward presence of our maritime forces, particularly off the coasts of North Africa and the Horn of Africa.


He is also concerned about the increasing threats to US citizens and interests, particularly the number of hostage situations. RADM Moore related that he has tracked or been party to a hostage rescue mission every six months for the past six years. In the 20 years prior to that, he said that he dreamed of being allowed to participate in a rescue. The world has changed and he feels the world is in a less stable place than it was before 9/11. This is the new normal. It’s constant conflict and sustained training is critical. It might be boring to some but you never know when or where you’ll be called upon to act. Adaptability will be key due to the short notice of deployments. This means training will be key.

Consequently, RADM Moore discussed selection and training, particularly in regard to the SEAL community. He discussed identifying men who have a “healthy distrust for authority” because the drive the leadership to step up and excel. He also discussed finding the men with the will to go on individually and yet serve as a member of a team. That is the point of BUDS and the ongoing training process in NSW.

The point is put together a great team. RADM Moore points to three factors that are critical to making this happen:
1. Leadership – Institutional leadership doesn’t have to be great, it just has to be good enough. Natural leaders will rise to the top and experience creates leadership. Ultimately, leadership is a commitment to the role. Also, a successful leader is respected but not necessarily liked.
2. Cohesiveness – You’re either on the team bus or you’re not. You must spend time together to develop trust. Additionally, honest After Action Reviews are critical. They also develop trust and that trust increases speed.
3. Empowerment – The most critical factor to creating great teams is allowing your subordinates to thrive. Develop younger leaders and prepare them to take your job when it’s time. When you empower your subordinates and let them take responsibility in your team, as the overall leader you can concentrate on strategic level issues.

As for the budget, RADM Moore suggests we “DWI” or “deal with it.” But, he challenges industry to help us maintain our technological advantage over adversaries who are increasingly using advanced capabilities. We have to stack the deck in favor our troops every time and he urges companies to raise the bar. To do this, he pointed back to those three factors to developing great teams.


Additionally, ADS founder Luke Hillier presented the Warrior for Warrior awards from his organization Hillier Ignite.


This year there were two. First up, was Wounded Wea. Also honored was the Boulder Crest Retreat Foundation. Both organizations do amazing things for wounded Veterans. In addition to the recognition, the Warrior for Warriors award includes $25,000.