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Flame, Flash & Cut Protection Gloves from Uniforce®

New Spec Ops series offers four styles that meet any mission!

US Cavalry

Radcliff, KY (March 7, 2008) – U.S. Cavalry, the world’s leading multi-channel distributor for Military, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security communities, now carries four new gloves from Uniforce® that feature both Nomex® and Kevlar® fabric for the ultimate in flame, flash and cut protection.

There are ten reasons to wear hand protection and you can count them on both hands! Protect your digits with the new Uniforce® Spec Ops series of gloves featuring several advances to combat cuts and burns:

* Specially engineered Pittards® leather called FIREBLOC™ with flame retardant properties and resistance to oil and water based stains
* Nomex® inner lining for flash resistance
* Kevlar® outer shell for added strength and cut and tear resistance

US Cavalry Uniforce Gloves

In addition, the Spec Ops series of gloves use DIGITAL® laser etched palm pads for a superior ergonomic grip than traditional gloves plus more substantial padding for increased shock absorption. TRI-CURVE® construction creates a seamless palm for a better fit and reduced chafing.

Spec Ops gloves are available in two lengths to suit any mission parameter. Choose either the short cuff or the long cuff version (with an additional 4-inch gauntlet) for increased wrist protection. For those needing extra impact resistance, select a hard knuckle version with ABS SHOK SORB nylon protectors.

US Cavalry Uniforce Gloves

For those that go into harm’s way, the threat from fire and lacerations is common yet preventable. Protect your hands with the new Uniforce® Spec Ops glove series; in stock and ready for order. To see video demos of the product and for additional technical details, visit: or call 1.800.200.9455.

About U.S. Cavalry: U.S. Cavalry, headquartered in Radcliff, Kentucky, has served professionals for 35 years by delivering the world’s finest equipment, services and training. The company serves its customers through managed accounts, retail stores, mail order catalogs and web site. For more information, log-on to our web site at or call 800.777.7172 today.


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