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More BAE Goodness

BAE unveiled their Integrated Warrior System at AUSA.

BAE Soldier System

We recently posted some pictures of their low viz plate carrier. For the IWS the low viz carrier is paired with a plate carrier. The low viz carrier features rifle magazine pouches of Tweave along the cummerbund. It has also been upgraded with some hypalon on the shoulders. It corresponds with hypalon on the inner shoulder area of the plate carrier to lock it in place. The plate carrier reminds me of the old Interim Small Arms Protective Overvest (ISAPO) for the PASGT vest. No extraneous material, just a plate carrier designed to enhance the protection level of the armor.

BAE Low Viz Carrier and Plate Carrier

The plates in the carrier feature a film that acts as a battery. Defense News gave some great coverage of the plates last week.


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