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VertX Debuts at SHOT Show

Newcomer VertX will be sharing booth space at SHOT show with Arc’teryx. Although newcomer doesn’t aptly describe VertX who is an off shoot of Fechheimer; well established makers of Flying Cross Public Safety wear. Arc’teryx and Flechheimer are no strangers to one another and have collaborated on the Justice Jacket, an Arc’teryx design (Gamma) modified for LE use with epaulets and holstered weapon access. The Justice Jacket is an exclusive product for Flying Cross.

Flechheimer Justice Jacket

They will be debuting two new pieces; their Tactical Pant and Action Polo. We don’t want to spill the beans on the new products but we can say a few things. he name VertX is a derivative of “Covert” and their line is intended to avoid attention, not attract it. For example, several unique features belie the covert nature of the pants. To quote VertX, “In a market full of garments that scream “shoot me”, this pant is in style for “Any time, any place, any mission””. Rumor has it there will even be some of the trousers in Multicam for the crawd that must blend into a different environment.

Catch a sneak peak at www.wearvertx.com. Be sure to check out Vertx at the SHOT Show in Booth Number 6491.

Photo from Fechheimer.

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