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Medium Breacher Pouch from 215 Gear

Monday, January 19th, 2009

This pouch was designed specifically to accommodate a single ECT “Nunchuck” or “Slap” charge. It can be worn on a riggers belt or mounted to the back of body armor via PALS webbing “quiver style”. The pouch flap also stows out of the way for quick and easy access at the target. The Medium Breacher pouch will hold up to a 1200GN ECT charge.

Medium Breacher Pouch

Available in Black, Khaki, Ranger Green, UCP, and Multicam now from Extreme Outfitters and Grey Group Training. For more information from the manufacturer visit 215 Gear.

Photo from 215 Gear.

SHOT Show Day 4

Monday, January 19th, 2009

ITW Tactical Products

ITW has added yet another color to their product line. The new color is Sand (middle) and joins Foliage Green and Tan.

ITW Colors

Ares Defense Systems, Inc.
The shape of things to come? The Modular Sporting Rifle prototype may be just the thing if threatened weapon bans are enacted. Designed to fit any AR-15 style upper receiver, the MSR looks as if an M4 mated with an 870. It certainly hides some of those menacing “assault weapon” features such as pistol grips, collapsible stocks, and external mag wells. When combined with a flat top upper, you can barely tell the rifle is a black rifle.

Ares Defense Systems Modular Sporting Rifle

Rocky Boots

From Rocky’s civilian line comes the Broadhead designed for bow hunting. I took one look at these lightweight stalkers and knew that their would be tactical interest. So did the duty wear division of Rocky and they plan on offering them as a cross over piece this summer.

Rocky Broadhead

Crimson Trace

Laser grip manufacturers Crimson Trace unveiled their new MVF-515 foregrip for the M-16 family. Designed to attach to a Mil Std 1913 rail, the MVF-515 combines a vertical foregrip, laser and light into one package. Dual pressure switches allow the shooter to choose laser, white light, or combination. Modes include constant on, momentary or strobe.

Crimson Trace MVF-515

SHOT Show Day 3.2

Sunday, January 18th, 2009


As we reported earlier in the week, Vert-X unveiled their new line. Consisting of a tactical pant and polo, they have fused two concepts that would seem to be at odds with one another; casual and tactical. To the casual observer, the pants look like an average pair of khakis, but like Transformers, they are more than meets the eye. They incorporate inlaid cargo pockets that lay flat but expand when needed. Additional features include an expandable waist for inside the waist band carry that doesn’t look like the back of your toddler’s pants, articulated waits and knees, and concealed pockets that are truly concealed. Expect a full report soon.

Vert-X tactical pant

We are always interested in new products to enhance the ergonomics of weapons. These next two items have been designed specifically to do that and we will be interested to see what impact they have on the market.

Stark Equipment Corporation

The Stark SE-1 is designed to improve the shooter’s purchase on the grip.

Stark SE-1

They will be available in four weeks and come in Black, FDE, OD, and Camo patterns are soon to follow.

To order visit Stark Equipment and Brownells.

Mako was showing their new Mag Well Grip deigned to enhance purchase for those who assume their grip on the front of the lower receiver of M16-style weapons.

Mako Mag Well Grip

SHOT Show Day 3.1

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Spec Ops Brand

Spec Ops Brand displayed their latest addition, the Gun Belt which was transitioned from their Professional Hunter line where it found its genesis as the PH Utility Belt. Originally conceived as a sturdy belt for big game hunting, the the Gun Belt utilizes the concept of a belt on a belt to improve stiffness. This is a great alternative for those who require a gun belt but don’t want the added weight, bulk and heat build up associated with many padded belts. It is available now in four sizes in Black, Coyote, and Foliage.

Spec Ops Brand Gun Belt

ITW Military Products

ITW released this new product at SHOT. Envisioned as step one in a multi-faceted waterproofing system, the Individual Clothing & Equipment Protection System or ICEPS is designed as a cost effective alternative to commercial products often used by Soldiers such as zip-loc bags. The current cornerstone of this line is the X-Proof protective bag which incorporate a closure with a one way valve. This allows you to put clothing and equipment in the nag and then bleed the air out of the bag. The current ICEPS kit consists of one waterproof pack liner for the three day assault pack, two Roll-Vac equipment bags, and two personal equipment bags. Look for a full report soon.

ITW X-Proof


The Eagle/Waterpoint Yote will be available by March 2009 and although considered a different product line than most Eagle products the Waterpoint Yote is the same bag. It just includes a water reservoir.

Crye Precision/Texcel

Crye Precision approved the new version of the Texcel webbing in Multicam. In previous variants, the dark brown has appeared black.

Crye Precision/Dry-Fire

Dri-Fire is poised to begin printing their fabric in Crye’s Multicam. Dri-Fire is an FR fabric that is more durable than Nomex yet is one-third the cost. Additionally, Dri-Fire provides both moisture management as well as anti-microbial protection not found in Nomex.

Tac 15 Crossbow

For the AR-15 owner who has everything, I introduce the Tactical Assault Crossbow. The Tac 15 crossbow is designed to fit on any AR-15 style lower receiver and throws shafts at an amazing 412 fps. Additionally, it incorporates Vibracheck Backstop string suppressors as well as Picitinny rails. The hand crank cocking mechanism provides for 30 second reloads.

TAC 15 Tactical Assault Crossbow

SHOT Show Day 3

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Crye Precision

Crye has finally unveiled the new Gen II clothing to the public. In addition to Multicam, Sand, and Black, the clothing will now also be available in Green. Opinions vary on the exact shade and I have heard everything from OD to Sage.

Crye Precision Green Gen 2 Clothing

Lowa Task Force Boots

Lowa unvelied pre-production samples of the Zephyr. The Zephyr line currently consists of three variants with a fourth now under consideration. Available late Spring are a Mid-height Black Gore-tex variant, a Mid-height Tan Desert variant and a Low top Black version. Additionally, a Mid-height Desert variant in Gore-tex is in the works. Normally the Task Force line is driven by the European market but the Zephyr is the first product developed specifically for the American market.

Lowa Task Force Desert Zephyr

Tactical Command Industries

TCI has been selling thousands of their Modular Antenna System Tactical (MAST) to a variety of DoD customers. The MAST allows the Operator to remote the antenna to a more convenient position on his equipment. This means that you can wear your MBITR up front so you can get at it if you need to make adjustments but the antenna can be mounted on your back out of the way of your weapons and appendages. Additionally, the mount features the ability to carry the short whip folded.


SHOT Show Day 2

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

EOTAC came out strong at SHOT and had a couple of new products to share including the upcoming Mechanics Shirt.
-Short,straight cut shirt
-Traditional side vent
-False front lower buttons w/velcro to access guns
-Comes with patches that can be sewn on the shirt to replicate a traditional mechanic shirt for undercover work or wear without
-Coming Summer 09 in Grey, Black, Navy

EOTAC Garage Shirt

EOTAC Garage Shirt

EOTAC Garage Shirt - lower button detail

Coolest Give Away at SHOT
TAG is handing out Foliage Green swag bags made from 330d Cordura.

TAG SHOT Show Giveaway

As we reported earlier, Mayflower sprinkled some goodness around SHOT. This mannequin was found in the POF booth, number 23060.

Mayflower at POF booth

Ops-Core showed variants of the Future Assault Shell Technology (FAST) bump and ballistic shelled helmets developed to support a recent military solicitation. The FAST helmets use a special variant of the Accessory Rail Connector (ARC) that follows the contour of the ear cut. Additionally, these helmets were dipped in Multicam and include VAS shrouds and Ops-Core’s proprietary Head-Loc chin-strap. Look for a full T&E Soon.

Ops-Core FAST Bump Helmet

OTTE Gear debuted two new products; the DK Jacket and DK Heavy Jacket. The jackets feature long pit zips (20″) and the sleeves can be secured up out of the way for conversion to a short sleeve for environmental reasons; whether high temps or the need be less encumbered. Both will be available Spring in Multicam and Desert Digital.

OTTE DK Jacket

Blackheart Bolt Gun

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Blackheart Bolt Gun

Blackheart International has just announced the creation of their custom shop and one of their newest products is the Blackheart Bolt Gun. The weapon features a custom receiver mated to a Krieger cut rifle barrel that is threaded with a unique thread designed to more effectively seize the receiver/barrel joint.

Additionally, The Blackheart Actions are chambered in 1 of 4 custom Blackheart calibers:
-.223 Blackheart
-.308 Blackheart
-.300 Blackheart
-.338 Blackheart

In addition to the weapon itself, BHI is offering the stock system as an upgrade to existing precision rifles. The barrel shroud is removable for maintenance and accommodates the installation of specialized accessories via optional 1913 Mil Std rails. Additionally, the stock folds for ease of transportation yet provides a rock solid platform for precision shooting and is fully adjustable for length of pull and cheek height by the shooter. Finally, to maximize flexibility, both the pistol grip and butt stock are interchangeable with any M16/M4 compatible furniture.

Be sure to visit Blackheart at SHOT Show Booth number 9448. The calendar girls will be on hand the rest of the show to sign autographs.

For more information on BHI’s line of custom firearms visit them on the web.

Photo courtesy of BHI.

SHOT Show Day 1

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Eagle Announcement
Everyone has been wondering what the Eagle countdown clock on their website was all about. Forums were abuzz with guesses from new clothing to an LE line. But the truth was even more interesting. Eagle Industries announced its latest product line; Waterpoint, a family of hydration packs. Eagle stuck with what it knows best and applied their load carrying knowledge base around Source reservoirs. Using the design characteristics of compatibility with existing systems and the need to maintain a low profile, Eagle developed the Waterpoint line.

Currently, the line consists of five bags. The Sleeve is a simple cover for a 3 liter reservoir designed for compatibility with any Eagle vest or bag. It joined by variants of the Recon which include a slick version as well as one and two pocket models. The flagship of the line is the Yote (pronounced yo-tee) based on the new Eagle Assault Pack.

Waterpoint Recon
Waterpoint Recon

Waterpoint Yote
Waterpoint Yote

The entire line is manufactured from solution dyed 500d Cordura. The Source reservoirs feature a new quick disconnect and Waterpoint has first dibs but the valve will be included in all future Source production. Waterpoint also has a new bite valve that is omni-directional unlike other bite valves that must be correctly oriented to work properly. Additionally, the bite valve has a twist to lock design making it easier to lock the valve closed.

Under Armour Unveils Anvil Jacket

Under Armour has a lot of new product hitting the market this year but the Anvil jacket stuck out. Intended as an upgraded replacement for the Black Ops jacket, the Anvil is a water and wind-proof soft shell. The jacket is feature laden yet doesn’t give the outward appearance of a tactical garment in the least.

Under Armour Anvil Jacket

The Anvil will be available this summer in both Sand and Black.

Mayflower Kit at SHOT Show

We announced that Mayflower would feature their gear in the ITW and POF booths. Here is a shot of the Mayflower Mannequin in the ITW booth.

Mayflower kit

L3 Announces SBNVS Award

Electro-Optical Systems (EOS) was awarded a $48.9 million five-year, firm-fixed-price contract for its Submersible Binocular Night Vision Systems (SBNVS) by the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center. The SBNVS will be used by U.S. Navy personnel to provide night vision capability.

L-3 EOS designed the patented SBNVS Generation III night vision binocular, which features a twin-tube design that provides comparable performance to aviation systems and better depth perception than single-tube systems provide. The military designation for the L-3 EOS SBNVS system is AN/PVS-15; the L-3 EOS commercial designation is M953. Since 1998, L-3 EOS has delivered more than 7,000 night vision binocular systems to the U.S. military.