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Naval Air Systems Command Issues BAA

Naval Air Systems Command has issued a broad agency announcement for warfighter developmental protective clothing and devices.

Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

(1) protection against G-induced loss of consciousness, loss of situational awareness, spatial disorientation, and high altitude hypoxia

(2) micro/nanotechnology applicable to life support and protective devices

(3) protection against hypothermia/hyperthermia

(4) auxiliary or integrated human cooling and heating systems

(5) integrated helmet mounted displays, multi-mode helmet vision system technology

(6) advanced filter/device development for eye and / or sensor protection

(7) warfighter / equipment compatibility

(8) breathing systems and advanced concept approaches for current and future applications

(9) crash protection, advanced restraint systems (all axes of restraint), and seating concepts

(10) emergency egress/escape concepts such as but not limited to improved signaling/locating, thermal signature reduction, and day/night cloaking technologies

(11) integrated communications systems

(12) hearing protection and communication capabilities in high noise environments

(13) integrated flotation systems

(14) human strength enhancement technologies

(15) garment textiles/materials, flame resistant / melt-proof fibers, webbings, water-proof, high-stretch, breathable fabrics, durable, malleable, lightweight conductive-network fabrics, low-bulk/high flexibility vascular compression mechanisms for acceleration protection, fast-response cooling/heating textiles

(16) crew/workstation design

(17) lightweight, portable power sources, recharging and scavenging technologies

(18) other personal protective technologies

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