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E-mail Scammers Targeting Textile Industry

We recently received this unsolicited e-mail. It looks like the e-mail scam community is becoming somewhat more sophisticated in their targeting but they still need to work on syntax.

Dear Sir,

We got your name during our search for supplier of GARMENT/INDUSTRIAL MACHINE ,We are happy to note that you handled large manufacture of same.

Introducing ourselves, we are trade research and contract consultants. We are working with both corporate firms and the WEST AFRICAN HEALTH/SURPORT ORGANISATION (WAHSO). We have been in this service for many years with enough marketing and good reputation.

There is a contract available with the WEST AFRICAN HEALTH/SURPORT ORGANISATION (WAHSO). for the supply GARMENT/INDUSTRIAL MACHINE, For your information, the WEST AFRICAN HEALTH/SURPORT ORGANISATION (WAHSO). are the nominated Agency in charge of all corporate contracts with Government and Ecowas.

Our company was chosen by WAHSO to look for supplier who is ready and capable to enter into 1 years contract Agreement for the supplier of GARMENT/INDUSTRIAL MACHINE,

According to the Contract Award Committee WAHSO, they estimated that this contract will be for a period of 1 years and subject to renewal. They also said that in terms of payment will 60% Mobilisation fund by T/T after signing of contract Agreement to enable the supplier start production and 40% by T/T payable as soon as production are completed and ready for shipment.

if you are interested and consider your company capable to handle this contract, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately so that we can be able to forward to you the requirements needed for tender and the full contact address of WAHSO for onward contact .

The Management and staffs of our Company are wishing you all the best, while we look forward to hearing from you.
Company ———–

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