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Ghillie Hut from MMI

Montgomery Marketing debuted their new Ghillie Hut at the Spec Ops East Show in Fayetteville, NC. The manufacturers of the new SOCOM Patrol Pack have just completed an in-depth research project to ascertain the requirements of the Sniper community. The Ghillie Hut was designed to allow the Sniper to tailor the hide to the operational environment as well as individual taste.

MMI's New Ghillie Hut

It consists of a Veil, Frame, and Floor components. Due to the modular design the components can be used alone or together to form a Sniper’s Hide. The Veil is manufactured from a new printed mesh fabric and provides thermal as well as visual camo. MMI exhibited numerous swatches of fabric in various prints including camo patterns as well as a large map. The Frame is of a pop-up, hoop design and the the Floor is removable. The Frame is fully adjustable via side release buckles and tape webbing. Tension can be applied to the frame in order to form different shapes. Then, either the Veil or other camouflage material can be applied via magnet attachment points along the frame. Even placement of these magnets can be customized by the Sniper. The system is very lightweight and weighs in at less than five pounds with all components.

The Ghillie Hut is the first of several planned products developed specifically for the Sniper community. Future additions include a Ghillie Suit and Drag Bag.

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