Off! Clip-On Misquito Repellent

Off! recently introduced their Clip-On Misquito Repellant. Encased in a Blue plastic disc, the unit relies on a fan powered by two AA batteries to blow the repellent around you. Interestingly, the active ingredient offers a total of 12 hours of protection and Off! says that you can turn the unit on and off to utilize the full 12 hours so long as you do it withing two weeks from the initial use. The unit has an on/off switch as well as a meter to display how much repellent is left. The active ingredient is Metofluthrin which doesn’t need to be applied to the skin.

Off! Clip-on

Additionally Off! has a coupon on their website for a free refill when you purchase a starter kit.

We feel this still needs some work before it would be appropriate for most tactical applications, it is after all Blue and does use a fan to disseminate the repellent although Off! claims the fan is silent. An additional issue is that the dissemination means is best suited for stationary use. If you are constantly moving the repellent won’t provide full coverage. However, it would be ok for outdoor admin functions and could possibly be used for certain surveillance applications. Also on the upside, the repellent is odorless.

Finally, please remember that all of the precautions for repellents still apply as well as those for small electronic devices.

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