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DAP Pack from BFG

The Pack is the second platform in the Denied Area Pattern line from Blue Force Gear. Intended to mask the true purpose of the equipment, the DAP Pack is a very simple affair but very well designed. There are loops on the top and sides of the pack for routing commo wires and hydration tubes and can also be secured to restrict the opening of the main compartment. Additionally, the shoulder straps are a low profile affair.


The DAP Pack is a panel loaders that opens fully to expose a velcro field inside the pack’s body. The DAP line is actually a full system consisting of platforms such as the Pack and Discreet Case as well as a forthcoming family of pouches and accessories that attach to the velcro field.

BFG DAP Pack Open

The pack also features a bungie X-harness to help compact the load or to quickly stow items like jackets. Like all of the DAP line, the Pack is available in UCP, Black, Ranger Green, Coyote, Khaki, and Multicam as well as the non-traditional colors Burgundy, Royal Blue, and Emerald Green.

The DAP Pack is made in the USA and available from Blue Force Gear.


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