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Glass Assault Tool

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

XS/CSAT Glass Assault Tool

Developed by Paul Howe for XS Sight Systems, the GAT is designed to penetrate vehicle side and back window glass while enabling the shooter to keep his hands on his weapon. It attaches to the weapon in seconds and in testing during CSAT courses, has not come loose nor affected the weapon’s zero.

For more information visit www.xssights.com.

NSW Foundation Charity Golf Tourney

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

NSW Foundation Golf Tourney

Sponsored by Tidewater Tactical the first annual Naval Special Warfare Foundation golf tournament will be held at the Heron Ridge Golf Club in Virginia beach, Virginia on 9 June, 2009. The day will kick off at 0730 with a free clinic by Golf Pro Bart Lower followed by a shotgun start at 0830.

They have assembled an impressive array of supporters for various prizes including individual hole sponsors. Additionally, all participants will receive a gift bag. All profits go to the Naval Special Warfare Foundation providing scholarships to the survivors of fallen Naval Warriors.

They are still seeking four person teams and interested parties can sign up at www.tidewatertactical.com.

SORD Australia NSN List

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Australian gear manufacturer Special Operations Research & Development was founded by former members of the Australian Special Forces community. They have developed an impressive array of products for the individual Soldier. Many of their products have been issued National Stock Numbers by the ADF. The list runs the gamut from radio to dump pouches and armor to ammo carriers.

SORD Variable Ammo Carrier

One product on the list is the Variable Armor Carrier (VAC) and it is currently issued to select Australian Forces. The VAC comes in two styles, a releasable version for water operations and a non releasable version. It holds armor and plates as well as featuring a removable cummerbund (referred to as “Wings”) which can also be armored and also incorporates a drag handle.

See the entire list at www.sordaustralia.com.

Therm-a-Rest Sleep Systems

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

“Sleep Systems?” you say? I mean sure, you’ve heard of Therm-a-rests. In fact, chances are good you’ve been issued one. So what’s the deal with the Sleep System?

Cascade Designs, manufacturers of the therm-a-rest line have introduced a family of accessories to turn the sleeping pad into a sleeping bag. I would say, it’s more of a sleeping experience. When you get it all together, it’s like sleeping in a bed.

Therm-a-rest stuffsack pillow

Two items in their “Fast and Light” series are the stuff sack pillow which will do double duty as well as the coupler kit. The coupler kit consists of self-adhesive snaps and facilitates the attachment of a variety of blankets and couplers directly to the sleeping pad forming a sort of integrated sleeping bag.

Therm-a-rest Tech Blanket

In addition to the polyester filled Tech Blanket seen above there is also the Ventra Down Comforter rated to 40 deg F. The line comes in a variety of colors but oddly enough the Compressible Pillows come in various commercial camo patterns.

None of these products have been militarized so naturally, they are thus far more suited to a camping trip with the family than a jaunt through Kunar Province with ten of your closest buddies. However, the more adventurous of our readers will find tactical applications for these products and when you do, please drop us a line and let us know how they worked out.

For more information, check them out on the web.

TAD’s Alter Ego

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

We are big fans of Triple Aught Designs here at Soldier Systems Daily and every once in awhile we will get an email from a reader telling us about a new discovery that TAD Gear has an alter ego called Rocket World. Yes we know, and yes it is really cool.

In addition to providing a venue for non-tactical products, Rocket World is a vehicle for the folks at TAD’s other passion; high end figures and collectible toys. Their centerpiece is the “Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo” or IWG, a group of evolved animals who seek revenge on humans who kill endangered species.

 "I  n s u r g e n t s   W i l d e r n e s s    G r u p p o " Titus

In addition to figures, the theme is also carried out in art, clothing, and patches and pins.

Rocket World has been recently featured on several gadget websites and the IWG line of toys has long been a favorite of collectors. In fact, as new projects are released they sell out very quickly.

Check out what everyone is raving about at www.rocketworld.org.

TigerSwan Announces Strategic Partnership

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

TigerSwan, founded by veterans of the Army’s Delta Force has entered into a strategic alliance with Iraqi-owned Babylon Eagles Security Company, the largest operating risk management and security company in Iraq. The alliance in Iraq will be referred as BETS (Babylon Eagles/TigerSwan).

“Babylon Eagles is the preeminent provider of integrated security solutions in Iraq,” said James Reese, CEO of TigerSwan. “We are understandably proud and humbled that Babylon Eagles has selected TigerSwan as its exclusive U.S. security partner to assist companies operating there and the people and the government of Iraq.”

Dr. Mudhar Shawkat, Founder and CEO of Babylon Eagles Security Company, called the selection of TigerSwan “an important and strategic extension of the expansive services we provide to our clients doing business in Iraq.” “Among all the U.S. security firms we considered, TigerSwan and its principals were the most respected, most culturally attuned to the challenges facing our growing client base operating in Iraq,” said Shawkat. The combined strength of TigerSwan and Babylon Eagles will enable a more effective and specialized relationship with customers throughout the region, he said.

For more information as well as a comprehensive training catalog and calendar visit www.tigerswan.biz.

NVAT-Night Vision Adapter for Aimpoint Twist Mount

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

During SHOT Show we wrote about the NVAT (Night Vision Adapter for TwistMount™) by Nvision. They recently produced this video showing just how easy it can be to integrate night vision systems on weapons equipped with the Aimpoint® QRP Ring with Spacer.

The adapter is available from N-vision.

Prototype Down East Pack Sneak Peek

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Down East has been selling a demonstrator pack for several months now. It does the job of showing off the utility of their 1606 frame but it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that they feel would properly compliment their frame.

Down East Prototype Pack

In order to rectify the situation they recently entered into a collaboration with Eagle Industries to produce a modular pack system based around the 1606 frame. So far two prototypes have been built and Down east hopes to go into production later this year with a model based on lessons learned from the demonstrators.

Down East Prototype Pack Side view

The main bag is about 2000 cubic inches and with all of the compartments extended and filled it maxes out at 5100 cubic inches. It is manufactured from 500D Cordura and features a removable lid, sleeping bag compartment, radio pocket, and numerous compression straps to help manage the load.

Pack Lid

The lid can be separated from the pack and used as an assault pack. It is designed with easily deployable, simple set of shoulder straps and accommodates a water reservoir.

Pack Cover

The pack also includes a rain cover that stores in a small slot at the bottom of the pack. The rain cover is lightweight and stays attached to the pack via a tether. Not only does it protect the pack’s contents from the environment it also provides a smooth exterior so that attached items are less prone to snagging and can be used to adapt the pack to changing operational environments through camouflage patterns applied to the cover.

There are numerous features that we have not disclosed in this article for two reasons. First, they may not find their way into the final design and second, we see no reason to give Down East’s and Eagle’s competition a leg up.

The pack is still in prototype phase and several will be going out for field testing this summer. Based on feedback the pack may enter production as early as this Fall.