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Survival Straps

Some of us are too busy (or lazy) to tie our own 550 cord bracelets and lanyards. Survival Straps takes the work out of it and offers a variety of woven products in over 900 combinations.

Their survival bracelets are made with over 24′ of 550 cord (wide variant). When I made them back in the day, I used a couple of knots at the end of the bracelet threaded through a loop as a closure and some guys got fancy and used a button from an old set of BDUs. But the survival bracelet features one of two unique closures. One is a side release buckle and the other is a stainless steel shackle. Both secure your bracelet and look sharp.

Survival Bracelet from Survival Straps

Two colors can be chosen for each product, one for the outer edge and the other for the inner portion of the weave. Survival Straps believes in their product so much that if you use it in a survival situation they will replace it for free.

We suggest you check out the entire lineup at www.survivalstraps.com. They offer numerous products and have an extensive library of photos to give you an idea of what your creation will look like.

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