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Phantom Products Wins Big, Well Sort Of

Phantom Products, Inc., of Rockledge, Florida has been awarded a maximum $31,250,000 fixed price with economic price adjustment contract for flashlights, light kits, and transmitters by the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP). Their proposal was the winning bid in a field of 63 responses which is pretty impressive.

Sounds pretty awesome but what does this mean? Their medical and other lights will be available on the electronic catalog and over the period of performance which lasts until 1 November, 2014, they can sell up to the contract ceiling. Additionally, they have already set the price for their lights over the life of the contract. So Phantom Products has won the opportunity to sell a lot of lights and I think they will. They build a great product and I have been using one for over ten years. My experience with Phantom products began due to the unique characteristics of their lights.

Phantom Products FLASH45 Medical Flashlight

Phantom has been an industry leader for years in providing low signature NVG secure flashlights. Their lights combine LEDs of different colors to produce white light. This means that you can find blood on a casualty. Along the same vein, map features aren’t washed out under a colored light. In a tactical situation an NVG equipped foe cannot detect the light. They have also taken the technology and applied it in other directions including landing lights. All-in-all, it makes sense.

For more information on their line of lights, visit Phantom Products.


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