ATK Purchases Blackhawk

ATK has purchased Blackhawk Products Group for an undisclosed sum. (Whew, it’s nice to finally be able to say that after sitting on that story all weekend.) In a move that begs more questions than answers, ATK has purchased another of the major players in the tactical nylon industry. Almost a year ago they purchased Eagle Industries but with the purchase of BPG they also get a manufacturer of apparel, footwear, hydration, sleep systems, armor, and weapons accessories.

Cats and Dogs Living Together…while some might see Eagle and Blackhawk long rivals in the tactical industry, under the same corporate umbrella as a sign of the end times, it is not. Just interesting times.

So this obviously begs the question, will ATK consolidate these concerns or will they follow the lead of Armor Holdings, gobbling up companies and allowing them to continue to compete even under their umbrella?

In closing we would like to say, “Congratulations Mike!” and we look forward to seeing what this new future brings to ATK, BPG and the industry as a whole.

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