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Navy Seeks Survival Gear and FR Clothing

NAVAIR has issued a Sources Sought Notice for Survival Items and Clothing for use by both Navy and marine Corps personnel. Survival items include equipment to assist isolated personnel in their recovery such as NVD compatible lights, signaling devices, hand held global positioning systems, knives, fire starters, multi purpose tools, water purification devices, hydration carriers and concentrated nutrition. All items should be efficient, compact, lightweight, water resistant, affordable and use common, commercially available batteries as a power source if needed.

The FR clothing side of the house includes items for both air and ground crews like flight suits and gloves, deck jerseys, and anti-exposure suits. They are seeking performance products whether fire resistance, environmental protection, or moisture management. This is an open ended RFI so as vendors come up with applicable items they can submit them.

Visit for the full details.

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