Introducing Rogue Warrior Brand Knives

Awhile back we wrote about the Rogue Warrior brand of watches and alluded to some new products coming soon. Well, they just released their new knives and have a teaser web site up showing a few other items.

Here’s also a good look at the new knives. The line includes three fixed blade models which include the Black Frog, Brass Balls, and Sharkman as well as two versions of the Sharkman folder.

The cryogenically treated 8A steel blades are sharpened to a field-grade edge. The Sharkman is hand finished and treated with the proprietary Black-T coating, a multi-step process designed to not only protect the blade but also provide lubrication. The Brass Balls features a variation of the process called Brown-T that provides the blade with its distinctive look and naturally, the Black Frog features a mixture of Black and Green coatings.

The handles are assembled with a proprietary two-layer process. Manufactured from Rosewood (bottom layer) and Yellowheart (top layer), both hardwoods known for density, toughness and shock-absorbency as well as the G10 phenolic laminate used on the Sharkman handle each handle is made individually with consideration for field use and thought given to the needs of the user. In the case of the Sharkman handle, the handle is ported, to allow the water to be sucked away from the handle and not remain between the operator’s hand or glove and the handle. Additionally, the handles are knobbed to provide maximum tactile feedback to the operator.

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