Tactical Tailor

782 Gear’s New Look

782 Gear just launched their new web presence and, in addition to the new streamlined look, they have also opened a web store. One of the features that we really like about the new storefront is that there is also a mobile version for those on their smartphone. We have received numerous inquiries from our readers asking where to purchase 782 Gear’s clothing which includes both FR and non-FR options. So guys, no excuses now.

782 Gear clothing is comfortable and functional. When you see many of their products the first thing that comes to mind will be, “I’ve seen that before.” But we can assure, not like this you haven’t. 782’s motto is ‘Tradition Meets Innovation’ and they have taken those military clothing and equipment designs you are familiar with and updated both construction and materials. Performance and comfort are both enhanced. 782 Gear offers Berry Compliant products with additional options for those who do not require American made.



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