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MRO Solutions Truck at Warrior Expo West

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

ADS will be unveiling their new Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) Solutions Truck at Warrior Expo West. I’m pretty excited to see it because I’ve been hearing about it for awhile now and every time I ask for details, I get the, “just wait, you’ll see…”

So the first thing you have to understand about the MRO Solutions Truck is that this isn’t your typical rolling hand tools supply truck. You could almost say that it’s a military mechanic’s wet dream. The MRO team at ADS has been doing their homework and talking to their customer. The result is virtually every item a military mechanic could possibly need or want. And like I said before, this goes way beyond standard hand tools, and includes equipment that is specific to the military’s unique needs, including carpentry and assembly, vehicle extrication, motor and drive train repair for up-armored vehicles, and much more. These are the tools that help accomplish military missions and keep the military running smoothly in any environment. While the truck itself might seem mild mannered, it’s what’s inside that counts.

The MRO Solutions Truck is built on a 26’ box truck and designed to showcase the highest quality MRO equipment from industry’s leading manufacturers. It’s not intended to deploy in its current configuration but rather visit military and government installations all over the country to show this set of solutions. Vendors include Proto, DeWalt, KD, Gearwrench, Stanley, Blackhawk Tools, Mac, VIDMAR, Sperian and more. You will be able to see the truck and its contents at the upcoming Warrior Expo West in San Diego, California next week.

Don’t forget, in the MRO section of the expo, you can also give the Joint Forces Extrication Kit a try.

DLOC – PVS-14 Mount

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

US Tactical Supply is now offering Alamo Four Star, LLC’s PVS14 mount which allows you to instantly transition your NODS from helmet to weapon.

The mount quickly attaches the PVS14 monocular night vision system to any MIL-1913 rail system without throw levers or any tools yet allows the 14 to be mounted close to optics due to its unobtrusive design. Additionally, the mount does not interfere with helmet mounting. It also features a simple, one-handed, pincher-type attachment. Finally, while the mount comes standard for right hand use, it can be converted for left hand use.

20% Off ENO at Tactical Distributors

Friday, April 29th, 2011

This weekend Tactical Distributors is celebrating the good life here in Hampton Roads with 20% Eagles Nest Outfitters products now through May 2nd. ENO makes the best hammocks out there and I have had one for a couple of years. Since founding ENO in their garage, founders Peter and Paul Pinholster have introduced a variety of additional products such as tarps and the highly entertaining Slackwire. Most recently, we purchased an ENO Launch Pad for trips to the beach and sporting events. It’s great; comfortable and packs up into its own carrying bag.

The 20% is right in the price so no need for discount codes. You pay for ground shipping, TD upgrades your package to UPS Next Day Air for free. What’s more, you can now shop without ever leaving Facebook using the “shop now” button.

SureFire HellFighter 4

Friday, April 29th, 2011

SureFire will be exhibiting the new HellFighter 4 (HF4) weapon light next week at Warrior Expo West. Intended as a weaponlight / searchlight / IR illuminator, the HF4 features two settings; High: 3,000 lumens and Low: 1,000 lumens and also offers a strobe setting.

The biggest improvement is the internal rechargeable lithium ion battery pack that will run the HF4 at full output for 30 minutes which is in addition to the 12v vehicle or BA-5590 power adapters. Additionally, the HF4 features a dual swing-open filter/cover system, allowing white light, filtered infrared, or an opaque protective cover. Finally, the HF4’s reflector has also been modified to improve beam reach and offer wider peripheral light for situational awareness.

SureFire has ingeniously integrated the carrying handle for dismounted use into the weapon mount. The mount itself has also been modified to include both the original heavy-duty T-rail clamp as well as an intermediary adapter mount that permits attaching the HF4 to a Picatinny rail. The HF4 kit includes mounting hardware and tools as well as power cables. For a full list of features and tech data check out this product brochure.

HellFighter 4 by SureFire

Stealth Cargo Pant by Prime Outerwear

Friday, April 29th, 2011

We mentioned the Stealth Cargo Pant by Prime Outerwear during the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. Unique styling garnered a lot of attention. Now, Prime outerwear has begun to sell the trousers…on eBay. Yes, it’s a less traditional distribution model, but they are available. So, if you are interested in picking a pair or two up, check out their eBay listing. Manufactured from cotton twill treated with Nanosphere, the Stealth Cargo Pant’s rear pockets feature magnetic closures. Additionally, Prime Outerwear has developed what they call Intelligent Storage which is designed to be accessible whether standing or seated.

Marine Corps Running Suit Now Available

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Introduced initially to new Marine boots, then Recruiters, and finally the FMF, the running suit by New Balance has been unavailable, save issue to Active Duty Marines. Now, the official USMC Physical Training Uniform is available to all active duty, retired and all DoD card holders. We have seen all of the service physical fitness gear and quite frankly, the Marine Corps got it right by working with New Balance. They have over 100 years of experience building performance products for athletes.

The New Balance Marine Corps running suit incorporates lightweight performance fabrics in an athletic design to keep you training regardless of the weather. The wind and water resistant jacket and pants have 360° reflectivity and strategically placed vents to for increased visibility and comfort. This is a Berry compliant garment meaning Made in USA with US materials.

Available through the Marine Corps Exchange as well as at

For the Ladies- Women’s Tactical Association

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Founded in 2009 by Chicago Police Officer Karen Bartuch, the Women’s Tactical Association is dedicated to bringing training in the areas of firearms, fitness, tactics and combat mindset to female law enforcement. Membership is open to men as well as women and they offer training opportunities. It’s great to see an organization that focuses on women in the tactical community and we encourage them to broaden their scope beyond just LE.

“Like” their Facebook page to learn more. To join the WTA visit

Ex-Air Force Pilot Giving Away Franchise to Iraq or Afghanistan Vet

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

A former Air Force pilot is helping a fellow veteran get started in business. Jack Child, the founder of pavement-marking franchise YELLOW DAWG STRIPING, launched a social media Facebook campaign – Operation Stripes for Veterans – that will offer one honorably discharged U.S. military Iraq or Afghanistan veteran the chance to become a small-business owner of a YELLOW DAWG STRIPING franchise. YELLOW DAWG STRIPING works with businesses to create lines and traffic markings to enhance safety, comply with laws and make parking lots more attractive.

“As a U.S. military veteran myself, I understand firsthand the hardships and challenges veterans can face as they transition into civilian life,” said Child, a former Army soldier and Air Force pilot. “We hope to relieve the burden of transition for at least one returning serviceman (or woman). It is the least we can do as a franchise system to show our troops the support they deserve.”

The Facebook promotion allows eligible veterans to upload an essay of 250 words or less and/or video testimonial to the YELLOW DAWG STRIPING Facebook fan page explaining why they want to become a small-business owner. Each contestant is encouraged to share his or her video with friends and family on the social media platform to obtain as many ‘Like’ votes by May 20, 2011, Armed Forces Day. The top 10 videos with the most ‘Like’ votes will be reviewed and considered by a panel of seven judges, and the winner will be announced on Memorial Day, May 30, 2011.

Besides waiving the $7,500 franchise fee, YELLOW DAWG STRIPING will provide a customized enclosed equipment trailer worth $5,500, hands-on training, business support systems and miscellaneous tools and uniforms. The total retail value of the giveaway exceeds $28,000.

To enter the Facebook contest, click here.

The Promotion consists of a Franchise Giveaway for one YELLOW DAWG STRIPING Pavement Marking Franchise ends on 05/21/11 at 11:59:59 P.M., EDT.

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Care Center MD

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

ADS’s Team of Medical SMEs has been working with industry to introduce new capabilities. Their latest project is the Cardiac Science’s Care Center MD paired with a Hewlett Packard Slate 500 PC Tablet making it the first the first truly expeditionary 12 lead ECG monitor kit.

The CCMD kit provides cardiac diagnostic information to deployed field units. Until now, this level of care was limited to robust medical treatment facilities and large deck Navy vessels due to the lack of portability of the ECG machine. The CCMD software program can deliver a preliminary diagnosis with multiple reach back options for immediate Medical Officer concurrence. The CCMD kit provides in the field diagnostic information to rule out cardiac related chest pain vs non-cardiac related chest pain, saving lives and potentially saving thousands of dollars by avoiding unnecessary MEDEVACS.

It is easy to use and accurate, requiring basic training and features an easy-to-read layout with a full display of key patient and test data. For example, the its unique at-a-glance indication of electrode contact quality verifies patient hookup prior to testing. Also, single-button navigation for all modalities simplifies workflow with fast access to advanced display and analysis tools with just the click of a mouse. The device does the work for you, with sophisticated analysis software extensively tested against a variety of industry standard databases for optimum performance. The system’s HP Slate 500 comes preloaded with all required CCMD software and Windows 7.

The kit includes:
1 CCMD system
1 lead connection set
1 pack of ECG pads enough for ten patients
1 HP Slate 500 preloaded
1 HP Slate 500 docking/charging station
1 HP Stylus pen
1 Pelican storage container

The CCMD will be on display in the medical section at Warrior Expo West. Be sure to get a full briefing and try it out. It is going to change deployed cardiac care.

XGO’s FR Shemagh

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

We first wrote about XGO’s FR Shemagh two-and-a-half years ago and yet it remains one of our favorite items. Shemagh’s continue to retain their popularity with US and Coalition forces serving in Afghanistan and yet the IED threat continues to grow exposing troops to dangerous flame threats.

Manufactured from lightweight Acclimate® FR 100% Flame Resistant no melt cotton, it has passed the American Society for Testing and Materials vertical flame resistance test (ASTM 6413-99). It has also been treated with Ag47 silver to inhibit bacterial growth. This is very important as Shemaghs are almost never washed and being worn around the head and neck normally end up smelling like a gym sock.

Currently available in Tan and Coyote versions, XGO is capable of doing custom runs of colors and patterns. To get yours visit