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AR15.com Billet Lower Recievers

You, me, and probably every one you know missed out on the Magpul billet lowers released a few years back. AR15.com bought the rights to the design and after a couple of years of development hell, they have begun to roll off the line.

• Magazine well – aggressively flared for easier loading, and with a textured front
• Markings – Bolt Face Logo is milled rather than outlined, and other than the company name below it, all text is on the right side of the magazine well. We chose to mark these 5.56mm vs. ‘multi’ to differentiate the 5.56 platform vs. the 7.62 platform to come later. Also, FIRE selector pictograms on both sides are at 68 degrees vs. 90 degrees to support both 45 and 90 degree selectors.
• Trigger guard – integral “Magpul” style vs. the often seen ’round’ version to maintain the clean lines
• Roll Pins – there are no roll pins required in the assembly of this lower; the trigger guard is built in, and the bolt catch/release assemblies both use a threaded pin
• Takedown pin – comes with a threaded takedown pin detent spring channel so your takedown pin detent and spring remain in place when the stock is removed
• Ambi-Bolt release – receiver features a bolt release on the right hand side, and this lever includes the AR15.com name
• Trigger – Geissele Automatics Super 3 Gun trigger with a slightly heavier spring and a laser etched BFL on the hammer
• Selector – Battle Arms Development Short Throw ambi selector
• Stock – Magpul CTR, UBR, PRS
• Grip – Magpul MIAD
• Mag Release – Norgon Ambi

The lower assemblies are currently restricted to AR15.com Lifetime members but eventually, they expect to keep them in production as a general release item.



15 Responses to “AR15.com Billet Lower Recievers”

  1. Stefan says:

    Another AR lower? Really, Wow! yawn……… Wouldn’t give a dime to AR15.com.

  2. Mark says:

    Having the ARf.com logo on your lower ensures that everyone knows you’re pathetic mall ninja.

  3. Jim says:

    I would be ashamed to be seen in public with a barfcom stamped lower.

  4. Tim says:


    Somebody is smoking crack!

  5. Stefan says:

    AR15.com is a bunch of flamming ass hats who portray themselves as uber operator guys but in reality are airsoft commando wannabees! $800? You are f-in high. A lower made by a .com! Funny, what is next? The Go daddy.com helmet?

  6. Stefan says:

    Buy a Noveske FFL (Flared Forged Lower) instead. And you won’t like like a poser!

  7. The Cat says:

    The Mother of All Transfer Devices.

  8. Administrator says:

    As much as you guys complain, something tells me these won’t be sitting on shelves.

  9. Tim L. says:

    No, unfortunately they won’t be sitting around for long.

  10. Jim says:

    If anyone pays $821.00 for a receiver with the barfcom lower on it they are a complete moron. I would not take one for free. I would rather own a Hesse.

  11. Ryan says:

    No, your right they wont sit around long….perfect for tacticool mall ninjas too show off to their loser friends. I’ll pass though my BCM lowers work just fine.

  12. Tim H says:

    Wow.. a lot of hate going on here.. don’t stroke out guys…
    It’s a nice lower, with top shelf parts.. what is not to like about it??

  13. jt says:

    I hope they fly off the shelves. It’ll be easier to tell who to stay away from at the range.

  14. Kieth J. says:

    Appears all the idiots who were banned from ARFCOM have found a new home..

  15. Wicked93 says:

    Wow… bunch of butt hurt people on here I see.

    The lower looks nice and is built with good internals.
    I would rather build it out myself. Not going to pay 800+ for a lower.