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Raider Magazine Gear Awards

SSD readers might be interested in participating in Raider magazine’s gear awards. They are soliciting reader votes for a wide variety of categories. The finalists were shortlisted by Raider’s ‘Tried and Tested’ editorial team who are all serving in the Parachute Reg or as Royal Marines.


5 Responses to “Raider Magazine Gear Awards”

  1. Mike D says:

    There needs to be more companies listed. There are plenty of quality gear manufacturers that are not listed in the categories. High Speed Gear Inc and Diamondback Tactical are two that I buy from regularly are two. How about TAD gear?

  2. Hi Mike
    I agree with what you’re saying , however the two brands that you mentioned are not that readily available in the UK ( or in Europe for that matter, its fair to say the Raider has a pretty strong USA news trade distribution, but the tried and tested team picked brands that have been used by British soldiers Having said that we have reviewed HSGi gear in the past but both the companies you mention don’t have a route to market here in Europe

  3. Mike D says:

    Thank you for taking the time to set me straight. I stand corrected and offer you an apology. I didn’t catch the fact that your magazine is based in the UK. (Prehaps what I should really do is avoid drinking and posting.)

  4. hi mike
    no apology needed send me over your mailing adress and ill send you out a copy of Raider

  5. We just recently updated our website with new shipping options for International orders. So shipping Internationally is $15-$50 usually.
    What we need is a couple good dealers in the UK. We have a dealer in Italy and one in Sweden. Let your local UK Dealers know you want them to carry HSGI Kit.. 😉