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Revision Military BATLSKIN

In July, we told you about BATLSKIN, Revision Military’s new integrated, modular head protection system. In this teaser video, you can see a couple of glimpses of the system and how all of the pieces fit together. Visit their website to learn more. The interactive page is pretty cool and give you a few more tidbits of information on how BATLSKIN works.


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14 Responses to “Revision Military BATLSKIN”

  1. Joe the tactical plumber says:

    Looks like someone at Revision loves motocross.

  2. Big_juju says:

    How hot is it going to get inside that helmet? I wouldn’t want to road march – or go up and down mountains in Afghanistan – with that on.

  3. JP says:

    A while back there was a post showing the visor mounted on an Ops Core. While I could do without the mandible piece, the visor looks like something I’d love. Anyone know if the system will be able to be retrofit on an opscore helmet, or is this going to require their new ballistic helmet as well?

  4. JP says:

    “Visor was not the word I was looking for last post. Riot-style face shield piece is what I meant.

  5. Aaron says:

    What about NVGs?

  6. .308 says:

    Interesting, I am suprised the visor still doffs up… not smart… Overall this is the future of ballistic helmets.. conceptually.

  7. D2 says:

    Cheek Weld? Im guessing this is intended for gunners who run something with a butterfly trigger in a turret.

  8. RobD says:

    Here we go again, the next “ECH” that the Army dumps millions of dollars in and never produces anything for a soldier to actually wear. OPS CORE and CRYE already have futuristic, Next generation, Light Weight Helmets available, with most of the attachments here, but instead of moving to rapidly field an already combat proven helmet, we will starts years of science experiments with a totally different company that will result in nothing for our soldiers fighting these 2 wars.

  9. matt says:

    Um, MPAS/BATLSKIN was a private venture Rob.

    Also, anyone concerned with NVG compatibility should go to Revision’s home page. They have a picture of the system being used with a NV monocle.

  10. JP says:

    The face shield piece interests me purely from an EOD point of view. Of course there’s going to be constraints with shooters. Even the best wrap-around eye-pro outside of the EOD 8/9 suit only gives me a moderately false sense of security were something not totally lethal to pop in my face (no homo!). I’ll dig deep to find some reason why I shouldn’t suit up before an approach – especially when it’s 120 out, and this face shield fits that requirement.

  11. JP says:

    And since I’m talking about EOD point-of-view, and the NODs were mentioned:

    The NOD monocle is pictured with the jaw piece – not the shield. If the purpose of the system is to protect soft tissue from blast damage, which CONCEPTUALLY it could, then not wearing the whole assembly is pointless. If one were to wear NODs with the jaw piece, they defeat the purpose as stated by Revision. Points for looking future-cool, but more points deducted for being stupid.

    Before someone sharpshoots me for wanting the visor without jaw-pro in defiance to the logic I stated above, my reasoning is purely for eye pro. If I’m on top of something and lethal blast is a concern, then a frickin ballistic motocross helmet isn’t going to do anything to save my life. My lungs will have collapsed already, and more.

  12. RobD says:

    Um…this doesnt look like a “private” venture to me Matt:

    Recently, Revision was awarded a three-year contract with the U.S. Army’s Natick Labs Soldier Systems Center worth $1,990,340 to develop a next generation helmet.

    • Administrator says:


      How long do you think it takes a company to develop a new product? That award was just announced. Everything you see here has been in development for several years. Revision received that contract BECAUSE of their expertise.


  13. RobD says:

    I know exactly how long it takes. Your missing the point, I am not saying this company does not have expertise in their field, I know they do, what I am saying is companies like OPS CORE have a Next Generation Helmet that is virtually identical to the one above, it has multiple modular add ons, provides increased ballistic protection, and significantly reduces weight. It is a COTS item, being worn in combat. Why start an effort to develop a Next Generation Helmet, when you could move forward to field an already proven helmet to the soldiers in harms way as we speak? If would be sad if a kid from 10th Mountain with a MICH on gets a piece of frag into his head at a velocity that would have stopped in a commercially ready Next Generation helmet, all while we spend years working on an entirely different helmet. We are over 10 years in at this point, enough development, and testing, and future soldier concepts. Field gear to the warfighter. Not looking to fight, I am passionate about this because I have a son in the Army and I want him in the best gear. I greatly appreciate this web site, and am giving my opinion only. Thanks!