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Congrats Nike and The US Naval Academy

Nothing like dishonoring the term “Warrior” by equating it with a child’s game. I’m pretty much sick of people playing games that last an hour or two equating it combat and being warriors. It gets even better when they use terms like “honor” and “sacrifice.” It’s hard to believe that the Naval Academy played right into the hands of Nike. They should know better, both Nike and the Navy. But don’t feel bad Navy, Nike did it with USMA as well. Let Nike take that crap to schools that don’t produce real Warriors and they sit around and tell each other how tough it is to play at it.

Don’t know what I’m referring to? Nike’s “Pro Combat System of Dress.” It’s not made for the battlefield. Nope, instead, it’s built for a game, and they’re using the good name of our most respected institutions to sell it.

I guess the only redeeming factor in this is that Air Force beat Navy yesterday in “combat.”

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43 Responses to “Congrats Nike and The US Naval Academy”

  1. Jeff Brown says:

    This is so poignant it hurts…

  2. Mike D says:

    Very well said. I agree 100%.

  3. Thanks for this story, wouldn’t have heard about it otherwise. What a shame.

  4. Robert says:

    I wish I had time outs, cheerleaders, and multi million dollar contracts each time I went to combat…….

  5. JP says:

    I know it’s impossible to boycott every athletic apparel that offends us in some way (made in China, kid labor, etc.) since none of them are made in the USA anymore and cannot possibly appease every group out there, but this is a perfect example of the whorish shit Nike puts out that made me cross them off the list a decade ago. Yet another reason to not buy Nike.

  6. TM says:

    You guys need to lighten up. Absolutely no one is confusing college athletes with servicemembers, or college football games with actual combat. “Combat,” “honor,” and “sacrifice” are words that have been used in football well before any of us were born, and they’ll continue to be used long after we’re gone.

  7. AAP says:

    I have felt this way for years. It sickens me that thugs have taken the name once used for likes of York, Murphy, Gordon and Shughart.

    That those thugs can be thought of as a “warrior” disgusts me.

  8. DD says:

    Guys, this is just a commercial/add campaign, and the association is not mean to be taken all that “literally” but rather, just to project/sell an image (no matter how unrealistic) and get the lemming like public to go buy Nike shoes, clothes etc. Yeah the association may be inappropriate or even silly, but hey…

    After all, marketing is inherrantly perception manipulation designed to generate an emotional response, precisely so that kids go out and buy stuff. Recruitment videos/adds do the same kind of thing. We’d have a huge list of lawsuits if we got angry at all of the false associations marketers and advertisers used to sell product. But hey, that’s capitalism.

    As a random aside… in ancient Greece, it was considered not manly nor honorable to use projectile weapons. Rather, the true “warrior” engaged in hand, sword, and spear combat. That’s why for example in the epic the “Iliad” (as referenced in the less than great movie “Troy”), Achilles and Hector who fight with swords and spear are seen as a heroes, while Paris (at least in the book) who mainly uses bow and arrow is considered…”not a true warrior” and a sniveling pretty boy. In today’s world, we have to use projectile weapons.

  9. I see what you mean but... says:

    DD – after your impassioned plea, I can only come to the conclusion that you must play football.

    As for TM, don’t believe they confuse the two? Just listen to the rhetoric on the Pre and post game shows. These idiots totally believe that they are involved in some sort of honorable endeavor. It’s a game for goodness sakes.

  10. FormerSFMedic says:

    Nike has been on the outs for awhile now, with one foot out the door. Their clothing has little innovation and their shoe technology has become stagnant. Under Armour has pretty much taken a large piece of the market share pie. Under Armour has innovative high tech products and supports our troops. Just take a look at Under Armours tactical website. LEO/MILITARY hasn’t wanted Nike for years and this is just another reason why.

  11. SFTEAM247 says:

    Dear FormerSFMedicNike: “Nike has been on the outs for a while? Their clothing has little innovation and their shoe technology has become stagnant.” You must not be a real SF medic lets both be real. A) If you were a real SF soldier you’d know that Nike has the SFB Boot which both TIER1 & TIER2 units are using right now (DEV/CAG/RANGERS/PJ’s…you name it). Here is the link genius: http://extremehumanperformance.com/blog/tag/nike-sfb/. Where is Under Armours boot that both Tier 1 and Tier 2 units have adopted? Didn’t think so. B) You want to talk about a company that exploits soldiers huh?! Then go tell your unit to BUY UA’s tactical gear and wear it out in the field. I promise you you’ll stay extra busy when an IED goes off due to all of the SPANDEX and NYLON that UA uses in their “tactical” apparel. Melts right ONTO the SKIN when fire hits it…so the fact you are promoting a synthetic line VS a cotton/wool base layer line tells me right out of the G8 your the LAST “SF MEDIC” I would want on my TEAM. Are you positive you are SF? I’d love to chat with you offline because you have made some BOLD IGNORANT statements and I’m sure the SF community wouldn’t appreciate it. C) LEO/MILITARY hasn’t wanted Nike for years??? You are def. NOT SF! I have pics of TIER 1 and TIER 2 that prove different ALONG with soldiers wearing UA base layer that has been pulled off the TIER 1 TIER 2 shelf. Soooooo any questions MR. SF MEDIC genius?

  12. SFTEAM247 says:

    This board is full of ignorance. Both NIKE and UA as well as a ton of other companies support our soldiers behind the scenes (as well as their families/loved ones) on so many levels that not only is it insane most of us will never even know what good deed has been done. Why is it so hard to believe that their is STILL GOODNESS within companies (even corporate giants)?!?! People just want something to bitch about now days. People love to see the glass 1/2 empty instead of 1/2 full and that is because their own life is pitiful. This is exactly why AMERICA has become week. We are more worried about hurting people’s feelings rather than being PROUD of what/where we come from. “Yeah but this stuff is made in China!” Blah Blah Blah….what are you going to say next? Our soldiers who use German made H n K weapons are traders for not using good ole USA weaponry? It is what it is! Look at the whole picture not just a corner of it. BUT….this is what makes AMERICA so great. “WE” have the “FREEDOM” to “CHOOSE” because of what “OUR” soldiers fight for…this little thing called “FREEEEEEDOM!” Nobody is trying to disrespect anyone. “WE” are all on the “SAME” “SIDE”. So, if any GOODNESS can come from this article I hope that it’s ALL OF US remember to STICK TOGETHER. I will take a team with HEART that believes in each other all day every day over all the “INDIVIDUAL” talent in the world. Remember the U in U.S. stands for UNITED. Where has this trait gone? It’s sad really…..

  13. FormerSFMedic says:

    What kind of idiots work at Nike? They put “Don’t Tread on Me” on the shirt. Are you kidding me? Do they even understand the connotation behind that phrase? That isn’t a phrase for them to just use for anything.

  14. SFTEAM247 says:

    FormerSFMEDIC- PHONY…PHONY…someone is a PHONY! You are a COMPLETE PHONY and just got CALLED OUT son! A) You haven’t answered 1 question I asked you. B) “DON’T TREAD ON ME”…read NAVY history and then come back and revise your statement son. C) I dare you to list your real name so we can have it run on gov’t systems right now. Lets just see if you are a real SF medic! IF you are a former SF Medic “I” will personally write a written apology to you on this board. IF you are not…I don’t think you will respond because we both know the truth which then will show just how fake all of your above words are because it kind of ruins your credibility huh? Hahahaha…classic…I will be waiting.

  15. SWONEC D4 says:

    You people are so fucking stupid it blows me away. The man who made these uniforms is Best friends with SEVRAL operators who had a LARGE say in the final cut of the uniform. Also no shit they know the connotation behind the First Navy Jack or they would not have used it. That being said it’s not like these men are some pampered athlete that goes to USC or Florida, they are at a service academy with mandatory military time after they graduate. They know that going into their freshman year so by them volunteering to serve our country they are allowed to be called Warriors. By the way “FormerSFMedic” just by that being your name on here to try to get a little recognition tells me you were never a Green Beret and are trying to wield a big dick on the internet. Pathetic.

  16. XYZ says:

    “That being said it’s not like these men are some pampered athlete that goes to USC or Florida, they are at a service academy with mandatory military time after they graduate. They know that going into their freshman year so by them volunteering to serve our country they are allowed to be called Warriors.”

    You seem to have little grasp on the realities of life as a Football player at USNA. “Warrior” means a commitment to the profession of arms, actually being dedicated; not playing football for 4 years then ditching the service after 5 years in some pathetic role they’re only qualified for.

  17. SFTEAM247 says:

    XYZ- You mean Warrior, Soldier then NCAA athlete (with the first two being stressed to the utmost importance @ both USNA and West-Point). Playing football is a priv. and these candidates know this. Obviously you’ve never been to the USNA or West Point because the players will tell you themselves they are warriors/soldiers/candidates/students first, football players second. These players are future leaders who ARE “committed” to the profession of arms or they wouldn’t be where they are in the first place. You see, the word warrior implies fighting well as an individual. The word soldier means to fight well within in a TEAM. Our military teaches you need to be both or you will fail. To say every officer ditches the service after 4 years of completed service is complete ignorance. Does it happen? Of course. What about all the guys (and girls) who don’t ditch? Don’t make a mockery of their life long service/commitment/and or valor based upon your idiotic generalized statement.

  18. I see what you mean but... says:

    I’m not sure what the motivation is to try and smear Under Armour, but this article doesnt even mention them. Having said that, I’m pretty sure Under Armour does a lot with Wounded Warrior Project.

  19. Fox says:

    You’re right XYZ, no USNA athlete has ever made the ultimate sacrifice in their “pathetic role.” Give me a break and get off your high horse. They’re citizen soldiers like the rest of us when they graduate, whether or not they meet your ridiculous standards of what it means to be a warrior.

    If you’re even a member of the profession of arms, you have a long way to go before your attitude could be considered professional.

  20. SFTEAM247 says:

    Under Armour def does amazing things for our military. Please see my second paragraph. This wasn’t meant to be a praise Nike smear Under Armour campaign. Both companies have done amazing things for the community. It might have looked this way and I apologize. My point was that SFMEDIC cleary has no clue what he is talking about. ***So to correct myself…UA’s Wounded Warrior project is amazing and there is no doubt they do good deeds. :)

  21. Able Dart says:

    Narcissistic whining is unbecoming.

  22. CombatDoc says:

    LOL. The Nike SF Boot what a joke. Those things dont hold up for more than a few months.they throw SF in the name amd all the Pogues and guys right outta ait buy em. Ive never seen a actual operator wear them. In fact the majority of the SF guys i see where the boots uncle sam gave them. The only boots i know that that are issued to any SOF unit are the Rocky S2Vs, which TACP, CCTs and PJs get.

  23. FormerSFMedic says:

    Sounds like someone is crying :'(

  24. FormerSFMedic says:

    @SFTEAM247- What’s your background?

  25. FormerSFMedic says:

    @SFTEAM247- First of all, I never made any “bold” statements as you say. I only relayed my observations. For PT and other sports use, Under Armour has been the choice of most LEO/MIL for awhile now. For tactical use, some guys wore UA, but most wore either issued gear or climbing oriented clothing like Arcteryx and others. UA stuff does have issues with heat, but the operator does have the choice in wearing clothing from UA’s FR line to avoid melting.

    Second, you should do your research on the “Don’t Tread on Me” as it pertains to Nike. I fully understand the history behind the Gadsden flag and the First Navy Jack, and I assume you do too. What you fail to realize is that Nike is selling this to anyone who wants it, that’s why its in the commercial. It first appeared on the International Men’s Soccer Team jersey’s. I don’t know about you, but I have a problem with Nike putting the phrase on shirts for athletes that don’t even know what the hell it means. It belongs to the Navy, and its great to see it on THEIR uniforms.

  26. SWONEC D4 says:


    1. You were never in Special Forces because of the name you are using. Don’t even argue because you will look like a jack ass.

    2. Nike is not selling these to the public. They are a one time only uniform they are wearing against Army in the Army Navy game this year.

    3. Army is wearing their own version as well, so you should probably go bash that one as well because I’m sure they don’t know where “front toward enemy” comes from (its on the front of a claymore).

    4. Like I said in a previous post. Active duty Navy SEALs helped design the Don’t Tread On Me base layer. The designer of the uniform is very good friends with several Team Guys and asked for their input on this.

    5. Don’t run your mouth before you know all the facts.

  27. Get Off It says:

    Athletes can’t be proud of being American and wear “Don’t Tread On Me?”

    That’s a terrible attitude for servicemembers past or present to have. It’s a lot like the attitude of XYZ who seems to think he decides who is a “warrior” and who isn’t.
    All Americans have a claim to our collective history. So no, I don’t have a problem with athletes wearing it, and I certainly am not going to presume to know whether they know what it means.

  28. FormerSFMedic says:

    @SWONEC D4 –

    1) I’ll bite. Make me look like a Jack Ass.

    2) I didn’t say they were selling them to the public.

    3) I don’t care what the Army is wearing.

    4) I don’t care who designed them.

    5) I never ran my mouth. I’ve only been typing this whole time.

  29. killslowly says:

    These guys are not modern warriors. We have modern warriors already. They are part of DOD. These guys are professional entertainers. I would not even call them sportsmen.

    We all get wrapped around the axle, watching millionaires passing an inflated piece of leather around. In tights to top it off.

  30. killslowly says:

    I know I going to get ripped by you guys because I did not quantify my above statement. I mean no disrespect for the nice kids who will one day become outstanding Naval officers.

    I am talking crap about the entertainment industry, and the stupidity of people getting “scholarships” based on how nice they throw a ball. Keep in mind that the reason these kids get to play ball, is to keep us “entertained”.

    And Nike? calling them warriors? Ha ha ha… not yet they aren’t

  31. Zane says:


  32. FormerSFMedic says:

    @CombatDoc- You’re right. I haven’t really seen the Nike boots that much. When I did see them, they were on non-SOF personnel. I’m not really here to argue about the boots, but its kinda funny how SFTEAM247 tried to make them sound like the entire community was wearing them.

    @SFTEAM247- The Nike boots are far from standard for SOF. Like CombatDoc stated, most guys are wearing issued boots. The ones that aren’t, are wearing hiking/climbing hybrids. I’m sure some are using the Nike boots, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You pointed me to a video of a National Guardsmen to prove your point. I don’t think one National Guardsmen is going to convince me the entire SOCOM community is wearing a pair of boots, or anything for that matter. That guy wasn’t even from the SOF community. “The Ranger tab is a school, the scroll is a way of life”. You should know that SF.

    • Administrator says:

      Guys, FormerSFMedic is legit.

      I saw a lot more SF guys wear the Nike boots when they first came out. Lately, not so much. They are great for training stateside but aren’t designed to last in heavy wear.

      I hate to break it to everybody hear but SOCOM does not have an FR program per se like the other services. Instead they use a holistic approach to protect their personnel with armor, helmets, gloves, eye pro, balaclavas, and outerwear protecting from flame threats. I can’t reveal much, but UA developed their new footwear and a couple of other items with a friendly nudge from a certain user community. So don’t believe all of the hype that’s out there.

      In our opinion, this Nike campaign was all about commercial marketing and not about the military. Only civilian d-bags who have never served would call running around on a field for 10 seconds at a time “combat.” If they had an actual tactical program I doubt crap like this would happen because they would have somebody with a pulse on the community that would tell them that the idea blew. Instead, individual business units dabble in tactical. I would say that the bubble has about burst and that it was too late to get their stuff together, but the Army hasn’t reached a camo decision and we haven’t seen the true ascendence of domestic LE yet. So there’s still a few years left on this ride.

  33. I see what you mean but... says:

    Swonec – you are incorrect about these Nike uniforms. This is not a onetime thing. This is a commercial product. Go to YouTube and they have versions of this same commercial for a variety of teams.

    And who cares if the designer was friends with somebody. The name still sucks and what say would a operator have in designing a football uniform? That’s just silly.

  34. SFTEAM247 says:

    Dear Administrator:
    Your Quote “I hate to break it to everybody hear but SOCOM does not have an FR program per se like the other services. Instead they use a holistic approach to protect their personnel with armor, helmets, gloves, eye pro, balaclavas, and outerwear protecting from flame threats. I can’t reveal much, but UA developed their new footwear and a couple of other items with a friendly nudge from a certain user community. So don’t believe all of the hype that’s out there.”

    If you don’t think Nike has several nudges from that same EXACT community you’ve done lost your mind. Under Armour is making anything special. I am not here to argue about Nike VS Under Armour but I will tell you that if you think UA has something secret going on because of a nudge ….hahahaha….send me your email and I will send you pics showing that the same nudge is being applied to other sport companies. 😉 wink wink

  35. Justin says:

    Calling out “formersfmedic” as phony because of his name doesn’t have much credibility when the accusers themselves have usernames that indicate some form of “special” service. Furthermore, I have rarely seen a poser that was as articulate and knowledgeable as the accused. When you can’t communicate professionally or articulately it creates the appearance of what you are accusing someone else of. Just food for thought.

  36. Charles says:

    I agree with your point, but please don’t refer to football as a “child’s game”. There is no way that it could ever be considered anything but a game for grown men.

  37. FormerSFMedic says:

    @Justin- You make a good point sir!

    I’m not sure where all the animosity came from. Maybe SFTEAM247 really likes Nike or didn’t agree with me or SSD, or maybe just doesn’t like my screen name. Either way it was off topic and for the most part slightly ridiculous. I’m not here to argue about who Iam and where I come from. Iam here to discuss and argue topics with like minded readers, and voice my opinions. I apologize to SSD for the whole thing and for giving in to the comments directed toward me.

    Thanks to SSD for another great read! Keep up the good work!

    -De Oppresso Liber-

  38. SGT Rock says:

    Nike = cheap shizz w/an overinflated sticker price attached to it. I don’t know of any professional Soldiers who would knowingly wear or use stuff made by a communist aggressor nation. If it’s not Berry Compliant then you’re part of the problem and are giving funds to a communist government.

  39. DD says:

    Guys, just a minor point… But we live in a globalized world nowadays, and you can’t find one household in the US with zero products or zero parts of products made overseas (e.g. China or Vietnam or Indonesia or India or Japan or Taiwan etc.). The facct is, companies are global and they go where labour is cheaper and hopefully efficient. They the either strike a deal and produce product in that country for export, so that as a company they can benefit from the increased profit margins. American and all other companies around the world of scale do this. it’s just good business. The gains in revenues translate into more taxes for the government either throug profits tax or say value added tax. Sooooooooo you can’t feasibly have EVERYTHING berry compliant or made in the US of A. Besides, the US economy has evolved away from manufacturing, except for higher end stuff.

    …. Must a minor observation.

  40. DD says:

    Oops… That was meant to read “just a minor observatn..” typing too darn fast. Sorry for the typos.

  41. JP says:

    Adidas needs to get in the tactical game beyond their GSG9 boot (OH MY GOD COMFORTABLE). They’d beat anything Nike or UA could put out. I have a pair of Sambas that are about to take their third trip to the desert in 4 years, and they are still fit to run in. Smell like shit, but comfy.

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