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BE Meyers DCL Series Crew Served Weapon Sights

Many shooters have become so comfortable with Red Dot Sights that they aren’t just used as back up sights but also as primary sights. They work on the same principle as a pilot’s head’s up display, projecting a dot that is aligned with the weapon’s barrel onto the target. The shooter places the dot on the target and engages. The result are faster target acquisition, improved first round accuracy, reduced collateral damage, and ammunition conservation.

BE Meyers has developed the DCL family of wide field of view sights for crew served weapons. Already in use throughout the US military, these red dot sights offer unlimited eye relief allowing you to shoot with both eyes open, maintaining an unprecedented level of situational awareness.

The most interesting thing about this class of sights is that they make it easier to accurately employ weapons. We regularly hear anecdotes, about novice shooters picking up the weapon more quickly, gaining confidence and accurately employing it, regardless of size or caliber.

SSD spoke with Bruce Westcoat, VP Business Development at BE Meyers and he expanded on this issue, “The DCL biocular sights ideally complement the unique capabilities for crew-served weapons. The large-field-of-view and unlimited eye relief allows comfortable viewing of fields of fire with both eyes from a natural firing position. And the integrated ballistic compensation and proven holographic red dot sight make sure the user has the right tools to effectively engage the target. We’ve had users report to us that entire units have qualified on the range due to the exceptional accuracy and ease of use of the DCL sight, as compared to past efforts where only half the unit qualified.”

Red Dot Sights have long been paired with individual weapons, but the DCL series is specifically designed for use with crew served weapons. Best employed in vehicle mounted or fixed defense applications due to their size and weight, the DCL sights allow a gunner to stay on target even while on the move and ensures the weapon is ready to place first rounds on target. The DCL-110 is intended for 7.62 mm and .50 cal weapons while the DCL-120 has a larger lens and is solely for the .50 machine gun.

The new DCL-110AD-3X adds a 3X magnifier that can be used in either a spotting position or a targeting position. In the targeting position the 3X magnifier allows the user to better view and differentiate targets, and use the red-dot reticle to optimize long-distance accuracy. This new addition to the DCL family also has a unique mounting bracket that allows the sight to be configured for either 7.62 mm or .50 caliber weapons while maintaining the sight’s integrated ballistic compensation for both.

Jeff Bradbury, BE Meyers Marketing Executive told SSD, “The new DCL-110AD-3X is an exceptional product. The 3X magnifier provides that needed capability to confirm a target or reference point while in the spotting position, and is absolutely deadly accurate when placed in the targeting position and used to long-range target engagement. Combined with bullet drop compensation and a natural firing position, and hitting the target is almost second nature.”

In addition to use of vehicle mounted weapons, DCL sights have also been employed on aircraft mounted weapons. BE Meyers continues to work with the aviation community to improve bullet drop compensation. Also, each sight is equipped with MIL-STD-1913 rails for mounting pointing/illuminating and non-lethal lasers.

The DCL series of sights brings both the increased accuracy and ease of use of red dot sights to crew served weapons. They are simple to use and allow the gunner to assume a wide variety of positions and still provide accurate fire due to a large field-of-view and unlimited eye relief. They are being purchased through the Rapid Equipping Force and at the unit level to increase capabilities.

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7 Responses to “BE Meyers DCL Series Crew Served Weapon Sights”

  1. Joe says:

    So its a giant eotech?

    • AttackBlue1 says:

      Nope. Has ballistic ranging knobs on the side that adjust the reticle for 7.62mm vs. .50 Cal and has a wider FOV for greater eye-relief (i.e. the door gunner helmet is pretty limited with many other sights, or if you’re in the turret of an MRAP on the move over uneven terrain). Inteded for mounted use, i.e. turret and rotary wing platforms.

      • AttackBlue1 says:

        The ranging knobs select different ranges. Ballistic calculations can be adjusted for 7.62mm or .50 Cal, just to clarify.

  2. Johnny B says:


  3. Daniel says:

    We’re wasting too much money on tactical boutique trinkets. When we get into a full on conventional war again where we are losing hundreds of dudes a day or more – all of this crap will go by the wayside because we won’t be able to afford it. Better continue to learn how to shoot with irons, and read a map kids!! These little low-intensity conflicts are simply a defense technology contractor’s wet dream.

    • SSD says:

      Huge conventional wars are the wet dream of defense contractors. They require lots of expensive systems. Sights like this are fairly inexpensive and greatly enhance the capabilities of troops. I agree that troops should learn the basics, but it’s foolish to not integrate enhancements because the might break. You can make that same argument with literally everything we use up to and including a club.

  4. MacK says:

    Im assuming BEM bought DIO (Dong In Optical)? Hilarious name but they make these sights