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Sneak Peek – Vickers Tactical Glock Mag Base Plate

Coming soon from Vickers Tactical, a replacement baseplate for the Glock. Notice the ridge that will allow you to strip a magazine from the well.

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14 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Vickers Tactical Glock Mag Base Plate”

  1. Eric S. says:

    Ohh very nice!

  2. steve says:

    This is neat, sometimes you definitely have to strip it out

  3. TM says:

    If it holds an extra round that would be a nice touch.

  4. Matthew K. says:

    Make an effort to match the Glock tan and OD frame colors, and blue for training/marking rounds and these will be a no-brainer.

    The dots are great. Maybe a gray color too…

  5. Ed says:

    Almost looks like the serrated baseplate on the .380 F.I Model D (Colt Pony) / Iver Johnson Pony from thirty five years ago:

  6. Crow Hunter says:


    That is what the hole in the back of the grip is for. Assuming you haven’t put a useless plug in it that blocks your access to the back of the mag.

    And more ergonomic than turning your hand 90 degrees stripping like this device does.

    • jim d says:

      Crow Hunter, Glock has covered up the bottom of the front strap on recent production guns which makes it much harder to do that. Also, the grip plug does serve a few purposes.

      I personally don’t know of anyone who strips a magazine by pinching the front and back (well, can only be the back now with no ridge on it, in current production guns) but if that works for you then go for it.

      I found it much more of a pain to try to use my fingertip and turn my hand (front to back method), than using the side of my finger and the meat of my thumb (side to side method) as my hand in already turned that way when I hold the gun, or do a reload.

      • Crow Hunter says:

        I don’t haven any of the newer production guns to compare to but my G19s have a relief in the front and the back that I use to strip out a mag. I don’t have a butt plug though.

        When I strip a mag, slide my off hand down the grip and my thumb just falls into the hole and the 1st knuckle of my index finger hits the front of the mag and out it comes. I have never tried turning my hand. I’ll try that next time.

        I also load with my thumb on the back of the mag.

        I can only see one benefit of the grip plug. If you were to stand the gun butt up and drop something down the back of the grip, you might interfere with the ability of the cruciform to move or impede the striker movement. I would rather have it open so that the action of the above mentioned parts will drive debris out of the gun instead of trying to protect from one posibility.

        But I don’t shoot for a living. :)

    • FormerSFMedic says:

      The way you strip a stuck mag is totally up to you. The Vickers baseplate allows the shooter a much better purchase on the mag than the factory variant should you have to strip it. Since the majority of shooters strip the mag by pinching the baseplate from the sides, this product will come in handy. This method is suggested because it’s consistent with the ergonomics associated with doing a speed reload or a tac reload.

      As far as the grip plug. The grip plug is one of the most useful add ons you will ever get for your Glock. It was originally thought that this plug would keep dirt and debris out of the ejector housing, but shooters quickly found it served a more important purpose. It basically turns the magwell into a Lo-profile “speedwell”. Every Glock shooter that has ever done a reload has fumbled due to the top round getting caught on the sharp edge of the opening. The grip plug eliminates the problem and allows the fastest reload possible.

  7. ODG says:

    Looks good Larry.

  8. jim d says:

    No more needing to cut into the frame with the “half-moon cuts” to strip out mags, or do push/pull checks. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with the LAV on these.

  9. Belleauwood says:

    Has there been a release date yet for the new base plates? Thanks