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ANZAC Day 2012


By now, our friends in Australia and New Zealand are well into their ANZAC Day activities, remembering those that served going back to the original ANZACs and World War One’s Battle of Gallipoli.


Join us now, as our thoughts turn to our Coalition partners from Australia and New Zealand, past and present.

4 Responses to “ANZAC Day 2012”

  1. Andy says:

    Playing a few rounds of Two Up
    at the Fox in Brisbane great afternoon
    Dawn service was great, RIP our lads lost from 6RAR

  2. Dev says:

    Thank you to those serving, past and present. Lest we forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

    On a less sombre note, welcome to the Navy personnel from the Carl Vinson battlegroup and thanks for marching with us today.

  3. ncs says:

    what company produces the uniform in the lower photo?