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Jetboil Users – Check This Out

Jetboil makes a variety of accessories for their stoves, but the Fry Pan is pretty cool.

The fry pan uses Jetboil’s FluxRing technology which provides even heating. There is also a plastic base cover that doubles use for food prep or as a plate for eating.



6 Responses to “Jetboil Users – Check This Out”

  1. Ryan says:

    That does look like an awesome accessory to expand the usefulness of the Jetboil. I primarily use mine to heat water for Mountain House meals.

  2. Whammy! says:

    Check out the reviews on the pan :(

  3. mike says:

    There are better pans for sure, but they are light and easy to use. Biggest thing, and I can’t stress this enough, TAKE CARE OF THE ELEMENT. The folded-over piece of metal on the bottom is there to increase the surface area getting heated and speed heating. As such, if you damage it your cooking will be effected. Also, it’s going to cook differently than a normal pan so you have to watch it closely the first few times you use it so you don’t blast the outside of your food and leave the inside under-cooked.

  4. Joe says:

    I’ve had the pan for a little over a year now and I there are a few pro and cons to it. With that said I’m what they call a minimalist and I don’t like to carry unnecessary weight.
    -Heats up and cooks food extremely fast.
    -Great for making pancakes and we all know there is nothing better than a pancake with maple syrup on a cold morning in the middle of the woods
    -Small size and light weight.
    -Flux-ring protector doubles as a plate which is awesomely convenient
    -Opens up the menu to other foods.
    -It is easy to clean.

    -Heats up and cooks too fast for some foods. You MUST keep the flame on the lowest setting for meats and fish.
    -Despite its small size and light weight a bigger menu means more lbs. I prefer to keep it simple and keep it light so I use a JetBoil flash to heat water for my MH meal and coffee.

    Overall it is a great tool for mounted ops but unnecessary weight for dismounted. It will provide some change and variety to the mundane meal plan of M-M-M but at a cost of added weight. If you like the JetBoil check out the MSR Reactor (http://cascadedesigns.com/msr/stoves/rapid-cooking/reactor/product). On a side note, I dont believe the JetBoil has an NSN yet but if it does please share.