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Hardpoint Tactical Atlas Support Strip System

Hardpoint Tactical was one of the finalists in 2011’s SPD 9 – Weight Redistribution Device, with their Atlas Support Strip System.

It is designed to work specifically with their Cingulum Battle Belt but will support many different armor systems.



6 Responses to “Hardpoint Tactical Atlas Support Strip System”

  1. Mick Donalds says:

    London Bridge Trading already has something very similar called the “UCASS,” I believe. I hope they asked permission.

  2. Toby says:

    Seems like a nice alternative to the Crye StKSS, velcro attachment to the belt rather than MOLLE, however I’m not sure about it sticking up into my armpits…

    • Thomas says:

      That’s a fair concern, Toby, based upon just looking at it, but I can assure you that that potential problem was certainly taken into account when developing it. Limitations in human anatomy won’t allow a normal-sized person to bend far enough to the side for that to happen. However, they are easy to shorten further with something as simple as the file on a Leatherman tool, if doubts persist.

  3. Chris B. says:

    Just had a rack on yesterday and was thinking I wish some genius would come up with a way to get this all off my shoulders and put some to my hips…

    My guess is that Atlas is going to save a lot of discs in a lot of backs.

    As with everything you do, good looking out for the troops Hard Point Tactical!