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Applied Orange FR-UBAX

Dutch newcomer Applied Orange has introduced their take on the combat shirt. Called the FR-UBAX, it is an FR garment manufactured from TenCate Defender M fabric. What’s more, it’s manufactured in Europe to create a true high end and ‘locally’ made product.

Features include
-Full Ten Cate FR fabrics, Dutch woven sleeve and collar fabric and USA made Jersey and Mesh
-V shaped mandarin collar construction for better wearability with vests
-Double sleeve pocket construction with inner zipper closed pocket and full harmonica outer pocket for larger items

Look for these becoming available in August with multiple color variations including MultiCam with Tan 499 body for the US market.


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3 Responses to “Applied Orange FR-UBAX”

  1. YR says:

    Somebody get that man some pants…

  2. BradKAF308 says:

    Those Dutch. Figures the manican isn’t wearing pants.

  3. NinjaMedic says:

    Finally! This may be the perfect Urban Search and Rescue shirt . . .