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OR – Powertraveller

The Powertraveller Solarmonkey Adventurer is a great choice for military personnel not only from a Size, Weight and Power standpoint, but also from a price perspective. It’s only $130 and also comes with a PALS compatible pouch.


In addition to the integrated solar array, you can also charge the device from shore power. Not only that, but you can also daisy chain an additional device to the Powermonkey Adventurer and charge them simultaneously. It is fully waterproof so there’s no worries about carrying it in the field. it’s been successfully tested in conditions ranging from the arctic to the amazon basin to the African savannah.

The Powermonkey Adventurer comes with 5 connectors as well as a specialty connector for the Apple family of products.



One Response to “OR – Powertraveller”

  1. Scott B says:

    Got mine a few weeks ago with a 40% coupon code. I use it a few times a week inside and out. Its perfect except for the case. I wish it was made from more of a mil-spec material.