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Developed by Daytac, LVI the Tactical Rescue Stretcher is a lightweight poleless litter available in 3 models. The first model is completely integrated into the armor vest which requires a retrofit to your vest and virtually any vest can be accommodated. The second model is attachable via PALS webbing and comes stored in a container on the back of the vest. Finally, the stand along model comes in a small pouch.


Additionally, the stand alone variant can be used for a variety of tasks much like the old multipurpose net developed during Viet Nam.

The littler cradles the helmeted head of the wounded and due to the design that incorporates the armor into the load bearing portion of the litter, the wounded won’t sag.

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7 Responses to “MDM – LVI”

  1. Travis says:

    Pretty genius idea, but isn’t it pretty standard to remove the armor almost immediately for a casevac?

    • Fred says:

      Usually, yes, but don’t you put it back on for protection? At least (if I remember correctly), that’s what we do in Canada…

      • Dan says:

        When someone goes down in the middle of a firefight, you don’t remove their armor before moving them. This system is to move them rapidly from the area of threat. Once you get them to a safer place, you can treat them and transport with all of their armor back on, or with the front and sides removed. They will just be laying on the back portion of the vest or carrier.

  2. Jim says:

    I think the website is incorrect – it should be Lion Protects not Lion Products

  3. chris says:

    feel unlucky to carry a built in litter. but looks like nice execution of the concept.

    • Christine says:

      Not unlucky, just prepared. Every soldier has their own litter–no more waiting on the heavy stretchers to come up from the rear…very practical and an impressive idea. Especially considering those extra seconds/minutes waiting on a traditional litter can mean the difference between life and death. And using something like the fireman’s carry can aggravate and worsen an injury. Great idea!

      • Dan says:

        Very well said Christine! Thanks! I know some consider it “unlucky” to carry their their own litter, until they need it. Then they will be very lucky to have it.