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MDM – Portabrace Tactical


Portabrace Tactical originated in the broadcast world. If you’ve noticed those blue covers on the TV cameras at football games, that’s Portabrace. A few years ago they were asked to design and build a couple of military products and they’ve been chugging along ever since. Based in Vermont, Portabrace offers a full in house design and production capability. Check them out.



2 Responses to “MDM – Portabrace Tactical”

  1. Alan Covey says:

    Holy Crap! I asked them to start doing this before the FIRST Gulf War, in my prior life as a local/military beat reporter…when they made bags for 3/4″ U-Matic video recorders! They could have made GAZILLIONS by now! Late to the party doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll lose out…but, look what they brought to the US Marine Corps’ biggest Expo…no MarPat? Here we go again, PortaBrace!

  2. straps says:

    @Alan, they’ve got Coyote, which continues to be the go-to-color for Marine equipment.

    My last official act as the gear guy for a unit that had cameras was to “bag” the gear. After a decade of Port-a-Brace Blue, there was HUUUGE pressure for UCP everything. Port-a-Brace was also bringing Coyote to market, which is what I specified. For a weeks, nothing but grief about it. Then came the decision to use OCP in OEF. Those Coyote bags will outlast the UCP debacle.