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Elzetta Introduces ZFL-M60 Flashlights in Green

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012


Elzetta is offering a very limited number of their ZFL-M60 Flashlights in a dark GREEN hard anodized finish (this is true no-compromise Type III hard anodizing – the same process used on their standard black parts).

The Lights are available in their two best-selling configurations:
ZFL-M60-CS2D (Crenellated Bezel, Standard Malkoff M60 LED Module, 2-Cell Body, & High/Low Tailcap) and
ZFL-M60-CS2S (Crenellated Bezel, Standard Malkoff M60 LED Module, 2-Cell Body, & High/Strobe Tailcap)

Custom laser engraving from the Elzetta Custom Shop is available on these Lights.

Supply is extremely limited. Orders may be placed at


Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

EFB has developed the AN/PRC154 Charger with side pan connector to allow one set of cables to both power a radio and end user device (EUD) as well as provide a data path. It was designed for Nett Warrior and there are currently in excess of 400 of these currently undergoing evaluation. The charger is low profile and they’ve developed a pouch specifically to accommodate it and the radio.


Based on that project, they are working with Fires Warrior to expand the personal LAN to include input from the Vector 21. This required a module to convert data from RS232 standard to USB. Once again, everything is controlled by the EUD.


Tuesday, September 25th, 2012


This uniform, is a design concept for MARSOC of an FR combat garment (yes, thats Woodland Camo) featuring DRIFIRE’s Foretrex fabric. Not only is it FR, but it also incorporates Drifit’s moisture management and anti-microbial features. Recently developed, it’s an alternative to currently fielded FR materials.

MDM – CTC Defense

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

CTC Defense offers a dual laser sighting system for the GLOCK full size and compact models.


Mounted on either side of the barrel, IR and Red visible lasers are controlled via buttons embedded in the grip, or alternatively via a SureFire X300 switch.


In addition to the alerts, the grip is also textured and doesn’t dramatically increase the profile of the weapon’s grip. In fact, normal grip pressure in the correct spot, will activate the laser.

It is powered by two 2032 camera batteries. One is enough to power the lasers with the second on board for backup. Expect it to last 5000 illuminations meaning frequent use will give you about 9 months of use. You’ll notice the laser begin to fade when a new battery is required so you won’t experience a total failure.

MDM – FirstSpear Name That Product Contest

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

What’s a tradeshow without a contest?


This little gem is coolest thing I have seen all week. FirstSpear has been working for the past few months on a Mk32 Speedloader. As you can see, it takes six 40mm rounds, but, it also gives you added torque via the knob on the rear to wind the cylinders before putting the Mk32 into action. Its really going to streamline how quickly a gunner can get his launcher back into the fight. You insert the loader, twist to cock the cylinder, back it off to drop the rounds and your ready to rock. Every gunner should have four of these.


The advent of this Speed Loader means that only FirstSpear is offering a total accessory solution for the Mk32 40mm grenade launcher. Earlier this summer they introduced the Punisher Pack as well as the 6-pack for individual rounds. And, they’ve also completed a carrier for this new Speed Loader.

Now, we come to the contest part. FirstSpear wants your help in naming this bad boy. From now, until the close of Modern Day Marine on 27 Sep, 2012 give them your suggested name in the remarks section of THIS post on SSD. No other entries will be accepted.

The winner will be chosen by FirstSpear on Monday 1 October and the winner will be contacted via email so it’s imperative that you use your valid email address. You can use any alias you want but the email must be valid to win. Each post will be approved so don’t double tap it if it doesn’t show right up. In the event the winning name is suggested more than once, the first post will be he winner. Void where prohibited.

The winning name will receive an Exigent Circumstance Pack pack from FirstSpear so be prepared to give them an address in the event you win.

Be sure to stop by Renegade Armor’s booth #3340, at Modern Day Marine to check out the new Mk32 Speed Loader as well as Renegade’s and FirstSpear‘s line of armor and accessories.


Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Developed by Daytac, LVI the Tactical Rescue Stretcher is a lightweight poleless litter available in 3 models. The first model is completely integrated into the armor vest which requires a retrofit to your vest and virtually any vest can be accommodated. The second model is attachable via PALS webbing and comes stored in a container on the back of the vest. Finally, the stand along model comes in a small pouch.


Additionally, the stand alone variant can be used for a variety of tasks much like the old multipurpose net developed during Viet Nam.

The littler cradles the helmeted head of the wounded and due to the design that incorporates the armor into the load bearing portion of the litter, the wounded won’t sag.

To learn more, including a video, visit

MDM – Forward Solutions LLC

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Forward Solutions LLC was founded by two Marine EOD Wounded Warriors who are giving back to the community in more ways than one. They’ve got whole slew of cool guy kit but the latest product to come out is the Blast Training Model (BTM1). Available in multiple sizes from small IEDs to devices designed to take out vehicles, the heart of the BMT1 is a new patented binary compound that produces lots of noise but little blast effect.


As you can see it can be configured in a plastic jug to simulate threat profiles but other packaging is available based on client requirements.


The concept was to create the signature of an IED without the dangers associated with more traditional materials. Furthermore, EOD wanted a training compound that was adaptable to multiple initiation systems and packaging.

MDM – High Ground

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

High Ground unveiled their new HG831 Pack. It’s a natural progression of the HG830 Frame which has been very popular with JTACs and other personnel who like to use its PALS field to configure their equipment for specific missions. The JTAC community came to High Ground looking for a means to adapt a pack to the frame for multi-day missions.


High Ground’s answer is the HG831 which integrates their 3-Day Pack Bag unto the frame. It retains PALS compatibility for mission equipment such as radios but adds the versatility of a compartmented 3-Day bag riding piggy back.