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PMAG GEN M3/USGI Feedlip Drop Test

Magpul conducted a demonstration of their new M3 PMAG technology.

This is a video from our feed lip drop testing. With a sample size of one each in this video, it is still an “unscientific” demonstration, but we didn’t think you’d want to see hours of magazines falling. This test is very typical of the overall results. This is the loaded magazine room temperature feed lip drop on concrete, from 6 feet, PMAG 30 GEN M3 vs USGI, tan follower, followed by full auto function fire. All drops were from a fixture to control impact angle and release. Test firearm is an HK 416.


3 Responses to “PMAG GEN M3/USGI Feedlip Drop Test”

  1. Big Red One - Ramadi says:

    I’m no scientist, but I’m almost positive this magazine drop test basically shows the difference between how molecules of metal (aluminum) and molecules of plastic (polymer) behave. Here we can see how polymer retains its meleqular integrity by having the ability to bend and keep the molecular memory of its original shape. This theory would then hold true for all other polymer magazines; Tango Down, Troy, CAA, Tapco, and even, yes; older Gen 1 and Gen 2 PMags.
    Why is this video good? Because Magpul is reintroducing a very successful product with minor differences. I believe this Gen 3 can be successfully operated in the scar and 416 as shown in the video. Where as before originally you would be required to purchase their EMag.
    Does this video make you want to run out and get a Gen 3 because their feed lips don’t bend? …nope. Perhaps if you own a FN Scar or HK 416, otherwise I just don’t get it. For a company with such brand equity who is fabulous at marketing; I think it’s time for diversification. Magpul produces weapon accessories and iPhone cases… They specialize in polymers. Come on Magpul, pull out some New products and think outside the box. Revision Smith Oakly WileyX… What about Magpul? You have the clear windows/ lenses with polymer frames. Start getting into different aspects of the game rather than reintroducing the same product under a different nomenclature.

  2. Tap Rack Bang says:

    The best part about the gen 3 IMO is the extension on the back of the mag to (assumingly) keep from over insertion. Very happy to see this addition as that has been an issue for me on multiple occasions.