NEMO Equipment Donates Sleeping Bags to Hurricane Sandy Survivors

We recently found out about a good turn that NEMO Equipment paid to their fellow Hurricane Sandy survivors. They provided us with this press release.

Our neighbors in New York and New Jersey have been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, a fire that destroyed over 100 homes and a Nor’easter that buried the still standing homes and wreckage under several inches of snow earlier this month. While we know New Yorkers are a resilient bunch, we also know they need our help. With guidance from Robin Hood, NEMO has sent 50 sleeping bags to St. John’s Bread and Life in Brooklyn.

“We had sleeping bag samples left over from our 2011 Adventure Product Testing Program that we had set aside with the intent of donating; we just hadn’t yet picked the organization. When Hurricane Sandy and the following Nor’easter hit, we knew there’d be a need. We’re glad to be able to do something for our neighbors in New York and we’ve put the word out to other outdoor industry companies, hoping they’ll jump on board,” said Cam Brensinger, president and founder of NEMO.

For more information on how you can help in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, you can contact Robin Hood or The Red Cross.

We are BIG fans of NEMO Equipment. It’s not just about the level of innovation that they bring to shelter systems but more importantly, they are great people. And it’s things like this that show it. If you want to invest in quality outdoor equipment then take a hard look at NEMO Equipment.


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