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Cheaper Than Dirt Suspends Online Firearm Sales

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Interesting business decision by Cheaper Than Dirt


16 Responses to “Cheaper Than Dirt Suspends Online Firearm Sales”

  1. Matty says:

    And so it begins/continues.

  2. Johns381 says:

    I’ve used them for a pistol purchase I couldn’t get locally, hope this doesn’t last long.

  3. Rick says:

    Cowardice in the face of the enemy…..What ever happened to everyone saying that if we change the way we live because of one heinous act then the terrorists have won?

  4. Greg Latosynski says:

    More bad news for the good guys.

  5. Chris says:

    Also selling Pmags for $60 bucks. Thought this might have been a bulk pack at first but it doesnt say so. Will never purchase from these clowns again.

  6. Anonymous says:

    hmmm look like Im going to have to ask for the pictures of me on their blog to be taken down

  7. straps says:

    Wow. JUST WOW. They’ll ship ammunition to any address that tenders a credit card number that clears but they won’t participate in the FFL process–with some of the most trustworthy, diligent AND HEAVILY AUDITED people found in ANY industry.

    And yeah, the $60 PMAG is straight-up opportunistic greed disguised as capitalism.

    I never patronized these jokers because they were selling ChiComm-built CFP-90s as authentic–at prices that the genuine article commanded before the market was awash in quality gear. I see they’ve evolved.

  8. Jack says:

    I hope their company becomes dirt.

  9. John Denny says:

    Cheaper Than Dirt in name only. I’m done with them. Never again. There are plenty of other places much more wothy of my business

  10. Mark says:

    I just dont understand how people liked their comment. Its sad when people think they need to follow the trend instead of making their own decisions about a issue.

  11. Chris says:

    Dicks Sporting goods as well has suspended selling firearms. No more business for you either!

    • straps says:

      They’ve suspended sales of firearms with “evil features” nationwide.

      They took ALL their firearms out of their location nearest the site of the tragedy.

      I’m of two minds about this. The AR is a fighting rifle. If you decide you want to join that lifestyle, there’s something to be said for taking your business to people who understand the technology and the culture, and can connect you with training and equipment that will ensure your future success. Dick’s isn’t that place.

      No different than buying a point-and-shoot at Wally World and seeking better counsel for a better camera down the line.

      • JoninWV says:

        The AR 15 is a fighting rifle? C’mon now. It was designed for the military and used primarily as a sporting rifle by millions. Its not a “culture” that needs training and equipment to do safely. While I agree with the camera analogy to an extent are you saying the guy at the counter at Wally World is going to give you great advice on a hunting rifle or a shotgun? If you know which camera is what you like and Wally World sells that model you shouldn’t be able to buy it from them? Similarly, if you are looking for an AR15 it doesn’t matter where you buy it from as long as you do it legally.

  12. Alex says:

    It isn’t just Cheaper than Dirt. Who were questionable even before this.

    Stag Arms stopped direct phone ordereds for at least complete firearms and receivers. You now have to go through a dealer to even order something. Not sure if minor parts and full uppers are also included in their new policy change.

    I’d say everyone is looking to protect themselves from the upcoming wave of lawsuits.

  13. Casey says:

    I ordered some Pmags from CTD a couple of weeks ago, 10 for $110, just because I had given a few away and felt the need to restock. I go here and see them, two weeks later, for $60 each!? This company loves to capitalize on tragedy. I boycotted them (temporarily) last time they did this, and here we go again, I should have known better. Looks like CDNN is going to be the way to go from here on.

  14. Paralus says:

    They are suspending firearms sales so they can wait for their current inventory to skyrocket in the face of demand.

    The March of the Lemmings has begun and CTD is the flag bearer of the sad parade.