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Combat Humidor On Location With Panteao Productions

Here, Panteao Productions front man Fernando Coelho gives you an inside look at the Combat Humidor.

The Combat Humidor is a durable travel humidor that is made from a US GI Ammo Can lined with 100% Spanish cedar, to create a twin double sealing and waterproof environment in which to store cigars. The Combat Humidor will float, survive small shrapnel, and general abuse. It will hold between 18 to 25 cigars depending on length and gauge.

Precharged and ready to go, this compact (about the size of the average cigar) and reusable humidifier tube works well anywhere—a wooden cigar box, a plastic container, a cookie jar, even inside a three-finger travel cigar case… and, of course, a humidor. Containing absorbent crystals, the DryMistat can be filled with distilled (or even plain tap) water and humidifies as many as 50 cigars for up to three months before refill.


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One Response to “Combat Humidor On Location With Panteao Productions”

  1. m5 says:

    Please report to us about firearms, including “high-capacity” magazines and whatever. But please skip the tobacco stuff, even the fanciest cigar accessories.

    A firearm can be a useful, even essential, tool. You can use firearm responsibly, and almost all users do. But you simply cannot smoke responsibly, and there is absolutely nothing useful that can be done with tobacco.

    Some perspective on what needs to be banned in the name of public health and safety:

    “Cigarette smoking causes an estimated 443,000 deaths each year [in the USA], including approximately 49,000 deaths due to exposure to secondhand smoke.” – National Institute of Health

    (And, btw, be an even more responsible shooter, and switch to lead-free ammo, like the Army did with 5.56).