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SHOT Show – Vertx Working with Industrial Alchemy to Produce Packs and Bags

SHOT Show 2013 marks Vertx’s move into packs and bags. They’ve teamed with design house Industrial Alchemy. Industrial Alchemy has been around for about 10 years and does a lot of work in the core outdoor industry. In fact, they worked on the old SDS commercial line. That means you are going to see some cross over of outdoor into tactical designs.


Colors are both earth tones as well as Kryptek patterns. While final color decisions remain, you can be assured that their will be great options for blending in.


These are design concepts that will give you an idea of what they will be offering. They are concentrating on a smooth, no obtrusive exterior with a ton of features built in. Sure, there’s PALS webbing behind the flaps of this sling bag. But what you won’t see here is the secret sauce behind the PALS behind the flaps. We’ll leave that for a later time.





These prototype sling bags are very well executed. You’d think they were production models.


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2 Responses to “SHOT Show – Vertx Working with Industrial Alchemy to Produce Packs and Bags”

  1. Duke says:


  2. Marmatt says:

    I like that the magazine pockets in the back flap and the vertical PALS webbing positions the pouches for easy access when the pack is rotated towards the front. Should I assume they’re only making a right handed/ left shouldered version?