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Military Mountain and Cold Weather Work Shop – Overwhites

The initial discussion at the Workshop focused on Overwhites. Initially, the group discussed the old cotton Overwhites that date back to WWII. Then, it turned toward the USMC’s newer nylon Overwhites. Unfortunately, few have access to this system outside of the Marine Corps due to the proprietary pattern. Consequently, some units have identified requirements and Velocity Systems developed a 3-piece Overwhites system consisting of gaiter, over pant and parka. Both over garments feature pass through zippers and pockets with slotted buttons.


The focus tends to be concealment rather than performance. Velocity chose Kryptek’s Yeti pattern and a treated nylon fabric that won’t absorb water. Below, you can see the parka on the ground. As you can see, it is a very lightweight material that is also highly compactable.


Both Velocity Systems and Mayflower also offer armor carriers in the Kryptek Yeti pattern for use in mountain and arctic environments.

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