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Why Colorado HB 13-1224 Makes For Bad Law

Last week, Jonathon M Anderson a partner at MagPul’s attorney Holland & Hart sent Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper this letter as an appeal that he veto House Bill 13-1224 which would outlaw magazines that hold more than 15 rounds or can be readily modified to do so. Their arguments against the ill-conceived legislation are reasonable. Oftentimes poorly researched and legislation results in unintended consequences particularly when they are rammed through with little consideration and based more on emotion than fact. This is certainly the case with this bill except that a multitude of experts spoke out against its passage as it made its way through the legislative process. You’d think that expert testimony might sway those truly interested in public safety and the rule of Constitutional law. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Please take a few minutes to read this well researched and articulated argument against this sweeping legislation which will most certainly be signed into law tomorrow.

MagPul's Appeal to Colorado Governor Hickenlooper Regarding HB 13-1224 by solsys


4 Responses to “Why Colorado HB 13-1224 Makes For Bad Law”

  1. JT says:

    a few weeks ago LWRC exec was scheduled to testify before the Maryland legislature. Even though his name was on a list to testify, security would not let him in. After making some calls he finally got someone to escort him through but it was to late. All manufactures of firearm related products including ammo should stop selling to all LE in states that have this kind of attitude like maryland and coorado. when these states cant get supplies for their LE lets see who has the last laugh..

  2. ODG says:

    Hopefully Hickenlooper takes some time to really think about his political future. I can’t imagine he would be re-elected after subverting the constitutional rights of the people of Colorado and losing 700 jobs and millions in state tax revenue during a time when the country is struggling economically by signing this half baked asinine legislation that accomplishes nothing for public safety and is completely unenforceable.

  3. Eric B says:

    An excellent analysis of the proposed law. While I doubt Gov. Hickenlooper will take it seriously, it will stand as a firm “we told you so”, when one year later the Colorado Congress will demand to know from law enforcement officials, “why this didn’t work?” Of course, they will just interpret the failure as a reason to institute more Draconian laws. Another law with glaring problems and horrid unintended consequences.

  4. Patrick says:

    All rational, logical, and irrelevant. CO legislators will do what they have done “because we have to do something” and “for the children.”

    And when it doesn’t do anything, they will double-down, because they “weren’t vigorous enough” and so-on, until they are voted out of office and scorned for their ignorance.