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Darley GRF Expo – Rite Rescue

Rite Rescue was founded by three New City Firefighters and offers the coolest litter system I’ve seen in years. In fact, calling it a litter system would be under describing what it does. This modular system integrates two systems in one. The harness can be swapped between a hard plastic sled-type stretcher (Tactical) or a soft stretcher (Assault).


Additionally, the RAP (Remove and Protect) can instantly be hoisted thanks to the harness system as integrates an inflation system that immobilizes the patent’s head, neck and spine. These stretchers are currently the only ones on the market that are UL tested to the NFPA 1983 standards.

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One Response to “Darley GRF Expo – Rite Rescue”

  1. G says:

    I’ve used this litter and can say it is the most compact, fastest, and secure way to transport a patient on the ground, in a vehicle, and rigged for a hoist.

    The Rite Rescue sled is monkey simple and extremely safe for the most inexperienced responder. If SSD had a star review rating, it would get 5 stars.