Introducing the Blue Force Gear M320 Grenade Launcher Holster

The Blue Force Gear Grenade Launcher Holster has already seen over a year of use by combat forces carrying the H&K M320 the current US Army issue 40mm grenade launcher. While the M320 can be attached to an M4 carbine or used in a stand alone mode, the holster was designed for the latter mode of operation. When used as a stand alone, the M320 resembles a rather large caliber pistol with a telescoping buttstock.

M320 holstered

As the M320 can make an M4 carbine rather unwieldy, most troops carry it in the standalone mode and have been storing it in a wide variety of field expedient manners including Blue Force Gear medium vertical pouches, SAW mag pouches, in backpacks or dangling via single point sling.


While there are a couple of other holster solutions on the market, BFG took a completely unique approach. It stores and ships flat and when not mounted to your gear and can be disassembled and stored flat in a pack.

M320 Unholstering

The holster is an open top design with an adjustable cross strap allowing for use with any sighting system. A bungee loop can be placed around the grip for additional retention.

M320 Holster empty

The holster mounts to a 3 x 4 MOLLE field and can be mounted on the right side with the grip to the rear or left side with the grip forward.

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8 Responses to “Introducing the Blue Force Gear M320 Grenade Launcher Holster”

  1. Jon C says:

    Does that thing should come with a cross-body strap that adjusts over the off-side shoulder and attaches to the MOLLE belt (kinda like a single suspender)? Or does it need full set of suspenders?

    I can only imagine the sag over time.

  2. TCBA_Joe says:

    I got my soldiers a sample of the S&S Precision M320 Holster and so far they like it. How does this compare?

  3. Robert says:

    Can this also be used with the stock attached?

  4. el guapo says:

    I like that there is yet another high quality option for the 320, but at $145 it seems a little steep for such a basic pouch, for $40 more I’d rather get the S&S Holster.

    God I miss my 203

  5. Lasse says:

    The main problem with the M320 is that you need the stock to fire it accurately, and my torso is pretty short so a holster with the normal stock doesn’t work.

    And the M320 in the photo has it’s sights set up for a lefty, would it be possible to use the holster with the sights on the other side, without them digging into your leg?

  6. Rob Collins says:

    This almost looks like a viable holster for a scoped S&W M500…