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In early February of this year three long distance shooting enthusiasts came up with the notion to create an event called TAC-CHALLENGE, René Deveault of X-Reload, Sniper Mario Dutil Quebec and Steve St. Louis Web of Webtechgear.

Collectively, the group conceived a long distance shooting event that combined some friendly competition with an opportunity to network with others who share the same passion. This type of an event is not common In the province of Quebec (Canada) like in the United States. After several meetings to develop the concept, the trio decided to expand the team given the scale they wanted to give the event. It was after some time that René Ménard and Mario Fortier joined the team to lend a hand and strengthen the collective.

The event will be held in spring 2014, but why promote a year ahead?


The organizers want to offer to the participants and visitors an adventure they will not forget. All modules for shooting will be handmade and custom, special facilities will be constructed in order to ensure that the course is relevant, challenging and stays on schedule. In May of next year, they will host the first pre-event to test and evaluate everything that is TAC-CHALLENGE 2014.

On the menu of TAC-CHALLENGE include such skills of unknown distance shooting, shooting form unorthodox positions as well as from barricades as well individual and team events. But be sure that, in the meantime, some surprises will be added to the mix as well.

The patch “TAC-CHALLENGE – Veni Vidi Vici” (seen above) was created to raise funds to help TAC-Challenge become a reality in the spring of 2014 in Quebec. The patch is currently in production, we’ll keep you posted when it becomes available for sale.

Contact us if you want the patch or become a dealer:

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the TAC-CHALLENGE team:

3 Responses to “TAC-CHALLENGE 2014”

  1. AlexC says:

    I really hope they manage to pull this off. Quebec is nortoriously anti-gun. (Think of them as the California of Canada, yea, THAT bad). This would be a great event to raise awareness and and good will towards shooting sports. The more of stuff like this in Canada the better.


  2. Ken Poole says:

    Yes I would like to purchase a patch when they are available.
    Thanks, Ken