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Magpul Updates Status Of Move – Reveals Nothing…These Guys Are Good

Magpul posted this update regarding the status of their move from Colorado following the passage of a slew of anti-firearms legislation including a new law that makes their flagship product, the 30 round PMAG illegal. Although it’s an update, they reveal no details. Very well played. There may be a future in politics for you after all, Magpul.

We’d like to thank the tens of thousands of visitors to our booth at the NRA show as well as the numerous posters here on our FB page for your support and for the generous invitations to relocate to your home states. While at the NRA show, we had the opportunity to speak with representatives from various gun-friendly states, including the Governor of Texas and his staff. We have some additional visits and meetings that will be taking place in the near future with the short list of remaining potential locations. Numerous preparations for executing the move while minimizing disruptions to production are already underway. As mentioned previously, we have already started moving some of our production out of CO. There are many factors at work in our decisions, including business climate, tax structure, legislative environment, regulatory burdens, culture, workforce, etc., and any decision that did not consider all these areas carefully would not only be ill-advised, but irresponsible to our employees, our customers, and the brand. We are eager to make more specific announcements as soon as we can responsibly do so without sabotaging our ongoing efforts and negotiations, and we appreciate your support and understanding until then.


7 Responses to “Magpul Updates Status Of Move – Reveals Nothing…These Guys Are Good”

  1. Ken says:

    Hmm, kind of reminds me of SSD’s posts about the Army Camouflage Improvement.

  2. BB says:

    Look for an announcement from Magpul in the Fall of 2013. LWRC is looking to move, as well, out of Maryland.

    • Anibal Perez says:

      There are a couple of Companies bailing out of Socialist Connecticut too, one guy is planning on moving his whole outfit to include 40 of his 42 employees, PTR is the company, Stag Arms is looking to leave too

  3. U_R says:

    Sounds like they are being courted by several communities and thus are holding out for the best package of incentives.

    Good for them, eff Colorado.

  4. reverend says:


  5. We apologize for being vague but the nature of negotiations require that we do so.

    The point of the message is to let people know that the process is ongoing but as we said in our very original statement after the bill was signed, we are not releasing details until decisions are final.

    • SSD says:

      We want to see you make the best deal possible for the future of your company.