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Remington Responds To Criticism Over Remaining in New York

Remington has been catching hell for their decision to keep their manufacturing in New York after that state passed the “SAFE Act” that is some of the most restrictive firearms legislation in America. There’s another issue that they don’t address in this statement. Their owners want to sell them but it will cost some cash to move. Conversely, anyone who buys them will probably want to move them so their current location isn’t exactly a selling point. It’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

To our Remington fans,

We believe the NY SAFE Act is unconstitutional and was passed in a questionable fashion.

Remington and its employees worked diligently with pro-gun legislators to prevent the Act’s passage. We actively participated in the Albany rallies and drove the letter-writing campaign to stop this anti-gun legislation.

The recently awarded Department of Defense (Special Operations Command) contract, questioned by some as a “pay-off,” has been in development for years — it has nothing to do with NY State.

While we are unhappy with the misguided acts of our elected politicians, Remington will not run or abandon its loyal and hard working 1,300 employees without considerable thought and deliberation. Laws can be overturned and politicians voted out of office, but the decisions we make today will affect our people, their families and entire communities for generations.

Please bear with us as we determine the most appropriate way to satisfy our customers and protect our employees.


23 Responses to “Remington Responds To Criticism Over Remaining in New York”

  1. droneboy says:

    Screw em

  2. Jason says:

    Employees can move.

    • Andrew says:

      …You say that until it is your job and your family.

      While some may view Remington’s decision not to move its operations as “treasonous”, a company’s decision to cut and run out of the state may conversely be viewed as cowardice, as well as destructive to the community that has formed around its factory. (Not that magpul’s actions were, but they hedged their bets by threatening to leave the state if certain laws were passed, and they were honorable in keeping their word.)

      There are many supporters of the 2A in New York, and Remington’s continued presence in the state may provide the support to lobbyist and politicians to continue the battle for fundamental rights that are deeply rooted in our nation’s history and tradition. I concur with Remington’s assessment that the NY SAFE Act is unconstitutional, as there are substantive due process claims that can be made on constitutional grounds as well as legal action for Cuomo’s abuse of power by forcing a bill through in the middle of the night and by removing the mandatory 3 day cooling off period required for all new legislation.

      In short, running away from a problem is only a temporary solution. Remington’s departure from NY would be seen by many that oppose the 2A as a victory, and in a battle (legal, political and social) of this magnitude, giving up any foothold can have devastating results.

      • Justaguy says:

        “…You say that until it is your job and your family. ”

        Would you like to know how many times my family has moved in 29 years of active duty service? Moving with a job is part of life not only in the military but in the civilian world too.

        Every time someone buys one of Remington’s products they are funding the very state government that will then use that money to enforce unconstitutional laws and put otherwise good law abiding citizens in jail. Some people don’t have a problem with that, I do and will not spend my money on Remington products until they do what is right.

        Hiding behind their employee’s geographical stability is a copout, and if the company saw a financial advantage in moving they would do it in a second.

        This is about money and not taking care of their employee’s, or fighting for the constitutional rights of New Yorkers, and it’s pretty scummy of them to pretend that it is. If they would just man up and say “We are a corporation and our job is to make money, and moving does not make money” I would respect them a heck of a lot more than I do now. I would still not buy their products however.

        • droneboy says:

          Well said

        • Steve says:

          How many times did you pay for your move out of pocket, JAG? You (I mean ‘we’, being a retired .mil guy myself) signed up for that lifestyle, and enjoyed the support of friends and neighbors that lived the same way.

          Apples and landmines.

  3. Sean says:

    Actualy it’s not that easy what if you have been working for this company for a while and have retirement plans in the next few years..not so easy to move. Yes I agree with moving our firearms industry out of gun grabing states it just makes sense but from a pratical and business perpesctive you can’t do it yesterday. If you can’t see the forest through the trees that’s a you problem. I don’t have a problem with this and I fully expect to see them in Texas or some place like it inside of five years.

    • SSD says:

      And in 5 years there will be another batch of guys ready to retire. But I want you to think about something. Remington didn’t seem to mind closing their other plants in other states to consolidate operations in New York. I am sure there were employees at those plants that were close to retirement.

      • Another chuck says:

        Great point. They shouldn’t try to use their employees for an excuse now after selling them out in the past.

      • JM says:

        BAM, Graves is on point today! +10

        • Sean says:

          SSD: point well taken. I think I was more trying to point out the fact that just because a company doesn’t deiced to pull up stakes and move in the blink of an eye does not mean that they should be ridiculed IMHO.
          Choosing when and where to move a company is a complicated and difficult task in the best of times and should not but used to make a political point. I think it is in the long terms best interest of the company. Frankly we are seeing this with Magpul as well, I have no doubt they are going to follow through on what they said but that doesn’t mean they need to sacrifice profitability to do it. I just have a problem with people using a companies manufacturing location as a litmus test as to weather or not they support the second amendment.

  4. Frank says:

    Since the NY SAFE law is likely to be struck down, and moving is expensive, I understand their hesitation to move. However, NY is not going to get any more gun friendly, and my money only goes to states that support my Rights. I like Remington, but I won’t buy any more of their products until they move.

  5. Bussaca says:

    “Their owners want to sell them but it will cost some cash to move. Conversely, anyone who buys them will probably want to move them so their current location isn’t exactly a selling point.”

    I know i’m not the sharpest tool in the shed here.. but this is worded poorly.. can some one clear this up for me.. what’s “them”?

  6. mat says:

    Wait a minute… a firearms manufacturer owned by the “liberty minded” investor party fittingly titled Freedom Group is sinking it’s own ships??? How bizzarre & totally not predictable when they first bought up all these firearms companies. (did my sarcasm convey?)

  7. Kaos 1 says:

    Cerberus capital runs freedom group , freedom group owns the firearm manufactures .

    • JM says:

      To make it more circular, Cerberus Execs are trying to sell Freedom Group to itself.

  8. Jay says:

    I seem to recall that at least one state was willing to build Magpul a new manufacturing facility if they moved there- are you telling me that no states would offer Remington a VERY sweet deal to move their manufacturing out of NY?

    • JM says:

      It is without question that Montana, Wyomoing, Utah, Texas and Idaho have reached out to firearm manufactures and have made public that they are doing so.

  9. reverend says:

    And Mossberg is located in CT… (shakes head)

    Too bad the NE/Midwest has so many gun manufacturers located there… I would love for all of them to move to locations where their products are APPRECIATED, and can be PURCHASED by FREEDOM loving Americans.

  10. Stranger says:

    Add Missouri to the list of States reaching out to gun makers. I saw a report today that the Show-Me State will grant gunmakers moving out of anti-gun venues a substantial amount of land, enough for a plant, warehouse, and parking lot.

    Buildings are not cheap, and moving a major plant is a pain. But a move to get out from under extortionate taxation, idiotic regulation, and moronic politicians would well serve the Company’s shareholders.

  11. Nthwsthntr says:

    Screw’em and forget the lube. I am both, deeply saddened and angry with Remington Arms for their decision to stay in NY state. I let them know the night after the announcement was made.

    This latest situation of them hiding behind their employees is despicable. The very point of leaving is for the politicians to feel the sting. The money that those employees and their families spend and pay taxes on helps to provide that sting. Of course we can’t forget about the taxes that Remington pays as a business also.

    It’s unfortunate, but we all know that it’s the power of the almighty $$$ that all politicians feel and respond to.

    Remington Arms message insults me and it should insult all 2nd Amendment supporters. Keep up the pressure and never forget. Hell, as an individual I never forget. Even to this day, I refuse to buy ANY and ALL products released by Smith and Wesson. How many of you remember what they did 13 years ago???

    Smith and Wesson compromised with the feds. They sold out the 2nd amendment and I will never forgive them. Period. I fear that Remington is going the same route. And trust me…I’m a Remington 700 guy and the idea pains me dearly.

    So, let’em know and hopefully they’ll respond to the pressure of the citizens of our great republic, aka. The U.S.A.