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Soldier Systems Congressional Watch – Updated

HR1960, the House version of the National Defense Authorization Act is on the House floor today. The bill would provide $638 billion for DOD; $552.1 billion in baseline defense spending plus $85.8 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations. It also includes $5.1 billion to restore readiness accounts for Afghanistan, and includes the restoration of Army and Air Force flying hours programs and facilities sustainment.

This is probably the most significant issue. The bill authorizes $52 billion over sequestration caps. We will need to see what the Senate comes up with.

Update – The bill passed 315 to 108. Read the roll call vote here.

Additionally, the Senate Armed Services Committee marks up today, as does the House Appropriations Committee.

One Response to “Soldier Systems Congressional Watch – Updated”

  1. Flightdoc68WF2 says:

    Of course my favorite part about this is the restoring of Army’s flight hours program. I can tell you first hand out flight hours have been cut drastically. It’s becoming hard to even maintain minimums