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Claymore Bag Now Available From Combat Flip Flops

The CFF Claymore Bag is now available in a limited run of 100 99 in Ranger Green (I just bought one).


When I was in the Army, if you were anybody, you had a Claymore Bag. It might be used for a shaving kit or for use as a range bag but it was a highly prized item. The one that comes with the actual mine is made from cotton duck and while it’s durable, it was designed to be disposable, so it is far from indestructible.


Enter Combat Flip Flops. They’ve sourced a USA Made version of the iconic Claymore Bag that incorporates multiple new features. First and foremost is construction. They’ve switched to modern, durable materials. Second, and the gussetted exterior pockets that are large enough to accept an iPad Mini. Additionally, the bag’s two exterior pockets each accept Velcro inserts and the main pocket’s interior is daisy chained with 1″ nylon webbing to accept shock cord. CFF has also introduced redundant closures including button, hook and loop, and Figher Design covert magnetic closures. Finally, a 5.56 mag/cell phone holder and sunglass case come standard with each Claymore Bag.


There are several additional accessories planned that aren’t available yet and include:
-IPad mini holder (optional)
-iPad holder (optional)
-Surface holder (optional)
-Kindle Holder (optional)

The current limited run is made from Ranger Green LiteLok with Black, Dark Earth, Ranger Green, and You Can’t Miss Me Silver in Cordura coming in July.


9 Responses to “Claymore Bag Now Available From Combat Flip Flops”

  1. Josh says:


  2. Badjujuu says:

    Nah, a small CLS bag was cooler as a hygiene kit
    Still use mine. But this would be nice for a everyday shoulder bag

  3. Stefan S says:

    Got em all free!

  4. graphei says:

    Any chance of seeing the “you can’t miss me silver” fabric?

  5. Jack says:

    Make that 98, another ranger green on preorder. The heads-up on these is much appreciated.

  6. bulldog says:

    Flip flops and claymore bag? Merchandising got confused on this one. I’ll take my flip flops on a claymore bag …maybe.