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Sneak Peek – Combat Flip Flops

We go all the way to the UK for the 2014 Hot Shots Calendar shoot and who do we run into but Griff from Combat Flip Flops? Good thing we did because he showed us two new models created especially for Edgar Brothers.


The men’s model on the left is the Pussy Galore and the ladies’ model is the Moneypenny.


Look for these Spring 2014.


5 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Combat Flip Flops”

  1. JPate says:

    Any word on the claymore bag? Thought release was mid June. Just wondering about an update.

  2. JPate says:

    Didn’t see it on the site, even set up an account. Must be computer adverse today.

  3. JPate says:

    Got it, was looking at the regular site.