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The Boss Rugby from Velocity Systems

Boss rugby

Many of my friends have seen me wearing this really cool Black Rugby Shirt over the past few months (no, that’s not me in the photo above). Like I told those of you who asked, it’s the Boss Rugby from Velocity Systems. Intended as range or training shirt, it’s not only comfortable and functional, but it also looks good. In fact, I’ve been wearing it all over the place. And, while I can sing its praises, the quote below really sums this thing up.

Just tried the rugby, it actually whispered awesome as I put it on.
-Boston area SWAT cop and Velocity test pilot

First off, you have to consider the name. It was created in New England and was in the final stages of development right around the time of the Boston Marathon bombing. Some of those first responders were wear testing the garment and if you know Boston, it has its own vernacular. Along with “wicked”, “boss” is a favorite description of something well liked. It was in those frantic couple of days during the search for the terrorists that the Boss Rugby was named.

Boss Rugby

The design is simple. In addition to a rugby-style collar the Boss features unobtrusive envelope pockets on either of the short sleeves with Velcro patches on each pocket that is low profile enough that it doesn’t look out of place. I’ve worn mine out to dinner several times and I haven’t been given a second look. It’s been suggested that it would be well suited for a LE Agency’s relaxed polo uniform and I think it would be a good option.

The Boss Rugby is made from a nylon/spandex blend to give it a little mechanical stretch as well as great wicking properties to increase comfort. After all, it is a training shirt. The fabric also incorporates both soil release treatment as well as Odorexx™ Antimicrobial which is good for 25 washes.

The Boss Rugby will be available in late August, sizes Small – XXLarge in Black, Earth, and Wolf.

See the Boss Rugby as well as other new Velocity Systems products at Warrior Expo East 11-12 July in booth #111. Tell them SSD sent you to be entered into a free giveaway of a Boss Rugby. Very limited. Only Boston SWAT cops and editors have them to date.


12 Responses to “The Boss Rugby from Velocity Systems”

  1. Walsh says:

    We’re at Booth 111. Anyone who mentions SSD get’s entered to win a preproduction Boss.

  2. Eric B says:

    SSD!! Oh, I guess I need to be there in person huh? Dang.

  3. Bradkaf308 says:

    sounds good, but I don’t want my clothing talking to me.

  4. Derek says:

    Looking forward to buying a few of these in August. Wish I could be there to enter.

  5. Matt says:

    Looks like a great shirt. Are you guys going to make these in any of the kryptek patterns?

  6. Rich says:

    Hey Walsh…..How come just Boston? Enter some NY boys in the contest!!!

  7. gilk10180 says:

    Any more recent info on this shirt? Price point or official release date? This thing looks amazing.