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Trigger Magazine

Trigger Magazine

From the makers of Guns & Ammo comes Trigger Magazine. A new special interest and firearms publication, Trigger covers “guns, optics, ammo, gear, swag, carry, adventure, sport, history, [and] lifestyle”. This inaugural issue has articles on Tracking Point, POV cameras, custom pistols, defensive driving, WWII reenactments, the new Call of Duty, and more. What really caught my eye was the article on Rock River Arms, which included admiring detail of CEO Chuck Larson’s sports cars. Say what you will about Recoil, but this is the second similar special interest publication from other publishing houses since Recoil’s introduction a year and a half ago. To sum up Trigger Magazine, it’s Maxim for NRA members (except it’s a total sausage fest), but I like it regardless and will be picking up future issues as they’re published.

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3 Responses to “Trigger Magazine”

  1. Haji says:

    I leafed through an issue over the weekend. At first I thought it might have been published by the Recoil publishers, but a check of the publishing info page showed that not to be the case. I quit reading G&A a long time ago as my sources of information generally surpassed theirs, but its a well made magazine that will very likely avoid the “civilians have no business owning this gun” type comments that have damaged Recoil so greatly.

    Your assessment of the content is spot on, GG.

    • SSD says:


      Thanks. I went over the magazine with TF and he wrote it. Chip off the old block.


  2. Warthog35f says:

    Even with the mama drama that happened with recoil I still enjoy the magazine . With that said I WAISTED the 9 bucks on his magazine just to find out they are just trying to copy recoil do to the fact there other magazines just dont sell anymore same thing with the firepower magazine it may have had one or two interesting articles and that was it. Nowadays all so called tactical gun magazines are just rhetorical.