How They Roll at Tactical Tailor


34 Responses to “How They Roll at Tactical Tailor”

  1. MattF says:

    The CVR-T Scorpion looks SO much better in Multicam than it did in UCP. BZ on the paint job!

  2. Brian says:

    I am curious if the owner of TT own the Tank?

  3. Brackett says:

    I didn’t know the thing was actually operational!

  4. Stefan S says:

    First UCP now Multicam? Put the British pattern back on.

  5. Max says:

    4 mpg City, 5 mpg Highway.

  6. fox says:

    Very cool- That thing was UCP for a very long time. Good to see they are doing well.

  7. Jim says:

    Not that old……you’re having a laugh aren’t you?
    Fantastic platform though, the 76mm was very accurate, I can remember dropping HESH rounds through turret hatches on the ranges in Germany.

  8. m5 says:

    Go for the original paint job! Of course.

    But why did they choose a British tank? Wouldn’t something ‘Berry amendment’ compatible (sort of) be more appropriate for TT? Like this one, perhaps, and it’s (afaik) owned by a private collector. :)

    • Orly? says:

      Quite simply, I believe its small enough to fit in a two car garage.

      Hell, if I had the money I’d do the same. I’d probably start with a Ferret though, then Scorpion, Wiesel, Sheridan, then go up. Then donate time around the 4th.

      Oh the things I’d do if I won the lottery.

  9. jrt says:

    I’m paying too much for my gear it seems.

  10. Hzrd says:

    To the pub!

  11. That thing is fun and “Fast” We Ran over some trees, Chased a Rabbit and about smashed the McChord AFB Fence – Tommy was Driving that time :) Good Times.

    • Jim says:

      4.2litre Jaguar XJS engine or the Cummings Diesel? Although I don’t think the Scorp was dieselised…. We got 70mph on the roads with ours once we’d taken the speed limiter off ours before GW 1…..

      • Brent says:

        If I recall it is an 83′ when doing maintenance on it. Still has the Petrol Engine. I like to keep extinguisher in lap just in case 😉 Top speed we reached in it was around 45 to 50 on a good day. There’s about 3 of us in-house that maintain it from time to time. No pads left so mostly for show these days. Rebuilt carb, fluids and repainted painted it last fall.

        • Orly? says:

          I’m assuming the “pads” are the tracks?

          • Jim says:

            Orly? The pads are just that, rubber pads to protect the road surface from excessive damage once it went the link had to be replaced.

            Too costly to get more i imagine

          • SSD says:

            Tracked vehicles have pads that are bolted unto the tracks to reduce the amount of damage done to surfaced roads. I had to change trackpads once during my time in the Army which weighed heavily on my choice to serve in a LRSD rather than a C&J Company. It is a tedious process.

          • Jim says:

            Tedious is the word hated having to do that luckily CVR(T) had moulded in pads, changing the track or “track bashing” is a complete pain, CVR(T) links were easy due to the size and the crew could change them, MBT however was a troop job.

        • orly? says:

          Start a kickstarter campaign, people like myself would gladly pitch in $40 for replacements.

  12. mick says:

    Sadly they need something like that in Lakewood and Tillicum to go-to the store lol

  13. Lawrence says:

    Used to be ACU pattern forever. Glad to see the new paint job. Their store is right down the street from me and yes, sadly the strip that they are located on is very seedy.

  14. Matt C says:

    I can’t help but notice…are they “commando” in there?